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7 Great Stocking Filler Ideas for Christmas 2018

The holidays are fast looming – meaning most of us are only now scrambling to gather our gifts for friends and family! An easy way to give loved ones cute presents is by compiling a stocking. These can be filled with smaller, less-expensive items that can even be more appreciated than just one big present.

Here are our top tips for cute stocking fillers this Christmas.

  1. Candy and Snacks

Christmas may come just two short months after Halloween but by this time the candy supply is beginning to run low again! Plus, finding candy in your Christmas stocking gives you another reason to use the “calories don’t count during the holidays” excuse and keep living in happiness.

Your stocking filler doesn’t have to be just candy: it can be snacks, treats, or any food item that you know they love. Seasonal flavors of foods such as coffee grounds and creamers, cookies, and cheeses also make terrific stocking stuffers!

  1. Books and Movies

There’s nothing better to do on a lazy snow day when you’re trapped in the house than read a good book or watch a movie. Might as well stock your loved ones up with plenty to do when those days come around shortly after Christmas. That’s not to mention to rest of Christmas Break if you’re buying them for your children.

If you’re not sure what genre of book or movie to purchase, try purchasing something that is a best seller that has a similar reading- or audience-base as the person you’re buying for. Or, simply casually bring up the question in conversation to find out what they like.

  1. Phone Accessories

Another great option for a stocking stuffer is phone accessories and tech gadgets. The most popular option is a phone case, as they are necessary to protect your phone and a great way to add personal style to an everyday item. You can find phone cases that look beautiful on the back of any iPhone with brands like Casely.

Other options are headphones, portable chargers, pop sockets, aux cords, and phone stands for the car. Phone accessories and tech gadgets are always sought after and items such as portable chargers are things people always want and need, but never take the time to purchase for themselves.

  1. School and Art Supplies

If you’re gift shopping for anyone who is in school, college or has an office job, stationery supplies make for the perfect stocking stuffer. Colorful pens, highlighters, memo pads, and lead pencils are just the beginning of the list of endless possibilities.

If you’re shopping for someone who has an office job or know is just very organized, diaries, post-it notes and fancy pens could make great gifts. These are all small items they will need to purchase themselves anyway when they run out or need replacements, so it’s nice to have them ready!

  1. Fuzzy Socks

In the winter it gets very cold in a majority of areas, and if there’s one very simple article of clothing that can keep you both warm and festive it’s a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks.

Fuzzies last forever yet you can never have enough pairs. The best part is: not only are they the perfect stocking stuffer, but they are also very budget friendly.

  1. Pet Supplies
As a pet owner and animal lover, getting pet supplies or pet-themed items as a gift is one of my favorite gifts to receive. If you have a friend or loved one who has an animal, an easy stocking stuffer idea would be treats, food and water bowls.

Alternatively, items displaying their favorite animal will also be appreciated. Puppies, kittens, owls and pugs are always popular choices.

  1. Gift Cards

If you are still all out of options and have no idea what to purchase, a great last resort is always gift cards or cash.

The best option is a Visa gift card: they can spend the money however they’d like and wherever they’d like. If you know where they like to shop or if you want to buy a gift card for a specific purchase, gift cards to specific stores are more personal.

A way to make these fill the stocking as much as possible is to purchase gift cards to multiple places but in smaller amounts. You could purchase one restaurant gift card, one retail gift card, and one gift card for functional purposes like the grocery store.

What types of gifts do you enjoy receiving in your Christmas stocking?

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