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Understanding a gambler according to a psychologist Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov who is a psychologist, carried out research about the nature of gambling and addicted gamblers. He came up with very interesting facts.

1. The main thing in gambling
Max Polyakov said that individuals who play cards can only win if they possess the right skills. Gambling online should also be considered. Players win by luck and they cannot impact a slot game or make their decision. Players are only able to control the bet amount and believe that it can bring them more wins.

Max Polyakov again insisted that for card players and online gamblers, logic and strategic mind can never be too much. Wise gamblers who play poker can often find the right way out of confusion. He also noticed that females believe their instincts and the males rely on their logic.
A Psychologist Max Polyakov also looked into roulette and found out that in order to succeed, players must come up with a minimum maths strategy. This can increase the probability of winning. Blackjack, on the other hand, is an easy game but it needs patient and willingness to apply the right strategy.
2. Games that match a gambler’s personality
Max said that in order to get more fun, a gambler should pick a game according to his/her temper. Some of the tempers and games that suit them include:
Extrovert: Craps
Introvert: Video Slot
Conservatives with the logical mind: Keno and Scratchcards
Individuals that desire to get rich fast: Blackjack, Poker and slot machines which have big jackpots
Ambitious gamblers: Poker
Economic gamblers: Casinos that have big bonuses and high rewards
Those who love attention: Baccarat
Unconventional with the imaginative mind: The current version of a past slot
Those who do not prefer showing their feelings: Video Slots
Max Polyakov additionally identified another type of gamblers. They are those that fancy big wins and they begin playing with big bets. They go on increasing their bet thinking they can win, unfortunately, they end up losing. Max said there is nothing that can be done to such gamblers.
3. Poker
Poker is a very engaging game and it requires players to be sober and prepared to reason fast.
Max Polyakov revealed that Poker can enhance the intellectual capability of an individual. A player must think before making any move. Poker also teaches one to hide feelings and manage mimics and gestures.

Max Polyakov has confirmed that gambling has a positive impact. Gamblers feel happy and elevated whenever they win and such effects last for long making them feel better about themselves. Gambling is also a great way of correcting a mental disorder.

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