Thrill Seekers Will Love the Bionic Blast Building Set from K'NEX! #MBPHGG18

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Holiday preview time! Are you wondering what on earth to get your older child for Christmas this year? Moms (and dads, and maybe even grandparents), I gotcha covered, and so does K'NEX! My hubby grew up loving to spend time building cool structures with his K'NEX sets. Yes, y'all... they've been around that long, and so have the hubby and I! When I think about classic holiday gifts and toys, K'NEX is at the top of the list, and this year, they're rolling out even more fun, thrills, and ways to play than ever before!

This isn't your momma's building set!

I have to hand it to companies and brands that work hard to improve upon products that are already so well loved. I mean, these were the toys we played with when we were growing up, and while there are tons of new sets, with awesome new capabilities, they are still the classic toy we knew and loved way back when.

My son just turned eight a few days ago. How it's possible that I have an eight-year-old is beyond me. Excuse me while I look for the wine bottle opener for a sec, and have a good cry. Kidding aside, he's an incredible kid and has an incredible mind. I'm fascinated by the ways he loves to learn- hands-on learning being one of those very important ways! He loves to build and construct, and like most kids his age, he's intrigued by VR (Virtual Reality). This holiday season, K'NEX is combing the world of building toys with VR, wrapping it all up and putting a bow on it, so you can gift it to your kids, and then watch the fun unfold!

The Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set is an Action-Packed Thrill Ride!

808 pieces of pure fun!

My son received his very first K'NEX set a couple of years ago, and he absolutely loved it. He and his dad had such a blast putting it together! This year, they're in for a big surprise when they sit down to build this amazing Bionic Blast, which is not only a super awesome thrill ride set, they can actually 'ride' it after they build it!

Don't let the number of pieces in this set scare you- some of the pieces are small connectors, and they add up quickly! The set features all of the pieces you need to construct an awesome, working roller coaster. Haven't you always dreamed of having your very own roller coaster? If not, I'll bet your kiddo has! Here's your/their chance! 

The frame on this set is fairly easy to construct. The actual coaster takes a little time to put together, and then if your child is on the younger end of the intended age group for this product, they might need a hand from an adult to get this totally finished. The track curves in and around the structure, and there's an actual little car that goes around the track. Not only that, there's added decor which spins as the ride is in motion!

For even more fun, your kids can download the app and use the VR set that comes with this particular building set. It's really cool! You actually feel like you're on the ride while it's moving! 

I'm super impressed with the coolness of this set- it's so innovative and exciting! There are a lot of building sets that my son will build and then feel disappointed with afterward because the fun is basically over. With the Bionic Blast, the fun never has to end! Plus- this set has not one, but two different configurations, which means you can build it one way, and then build it a second time, with the same excitement as the first time around!

Bionic Blast Features

Build 2 Incredible Models for Hours of Fun
Models can be built one at a time
Build this incredible, thrill roller coaster using the included step-by-step, color-coded building instructions. A first for a K'NEX Thrill Rides, the Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set uses 2 Ferris Wheels to lift the roller coaster car to the top of the track! Once at the top, the coaster car rushes down the track and resets for another ride.

Bionic Mech graphic panels included to bring your coaster to life!
Motor included. Requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.
Ages 9+

So tell me, who are you thinking about gifting this awesome K'NEX set to this holiday season?

Want it? Get it!

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