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Speaking Two Languages at Home

I always knew I was supposed to be a teacher. Sure, I went back and forth a bit when it got to deciding my major, but I always knew. A few key teachers really inspired me to become a teacher, one of them being my Spanish teacher. I loved learning another language and wanted to pass that passion on to others. Since I double majored in English Education and Spanish Education, I speak Spanish to the boys about half the day. 
Everything I had read before I made the decision to speak two languages at home supported the idea. So I started. Admittedly it is much easier with Maverick because I'm already speaking Spanish with Hendrix quite a bit, but I stuck to it with Hendrix, even checking out Spanish books from the library and listening to Spanish rhymes. Even the limited exposure has helped Hendrix.

He can understand phrases, follow instructions, and say a couple words. I'm so excited to see how it will help him and Maverick in the future. As Hendrix gets older, I have to brush up on new words and phrases, but I am enjoying the challenge and know it will help me stay updated for when I go back to work when the boys are in school. 

If I'm not teaching Spanish at school. I'm glad I'm using it at home to help my boys. 

Do you speak two languages at home? What is the most difficult part for you? 


  1. We don't though my fiance' is Spanish.I can only understand some Spanish because even though I took classes for two years in school I didn't use it and have forgotten a lot. I think it is a good thing for kids to be able to speak both languages now days. Great post!

    1. If you don't use a language, you do lose it. It's tough to keep up with it sometimes. Thank you!


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