Southford Falls- Hiking with the Family

Chris has been on a health kick for some time now and while I don't typically share his enthusiasm for exercise I am always willing to go on a hike.  This is a great way to spend the day with family because everyone can participate and you can explore your town or even your state.  I like the history that comes with each place we hike and I use the hikes not only for exercise but for learning about where we come from. 

Southford Falls is located in Oxford Connecticut and covers 126 acres between Oxford and Southbury- It must be love match as the name is a combination of both towns. 😍
You can fish, hike and picnic in this beautiful park.  There is a watchtower, a beautiful covered bridge and a boardwalk to explore. 
 Educational moment-Southford falls was once the site for The Diamond Match Company, a 19th century company.  At the time it was the largest manufacturer of matches.  Such a simple product we take for granted or really don't think about how they came to be, but something we may use every day.  

Of course since I am klutzy E had to hold my hand on some of the uneven or slick areas, but I loved every minute of it.  He truly is such a sweet young man and the moments I shared with him during this family outing is one I will cherish always.

There is something so peaceful about surrounding yourself with nature.  Away from traffic, modern technology or even other people walking through the woods on a cool autumn day is very relaxing.

Being surrounded by nature is very calming and helps to ground yourself.  When you need to get away from your troubles- self perceived or actual- take a hike! 
Where do you go when you need a break? 
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