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Refreshed, Renewed and Ready to Start the Week!

Happy Monday  I am not a big fan of Monday mornings and need to motivate myself to get going.  I am coming off of an amazing weekend in one of my favorite places, Lutheridge!  Our church has a church-wide retreat here every other year and it is such a wonderful weekend that is good for the soul.

Lutheridge is located near Asheville, in the beautiful NC mountains.  My mom grew up going to Lutheridge and was a counselor there during her college years.  I grew up going to Lutheridge and now Aiden attends summer camps there.  It's truly a special place with so many great memories.  It feels as if the weight of the world drops off your shoulders as you drive through the front gate.

This is a breathtaking view.  I love to sit by the lake and read.  Aiden loves to go canoeing in this lake and is absolutely positive that there is a whale that lives in the lake.  I don't know all the details but it is a camp tale that he hopes to see come true every time we are there.

It's so heartwarming to watch my baby have such a wonderful weekend at our church retreat.  He got very dirty, very wild and crazy and had tons of fun with some amazing friends.  And he had to share a small bed with me....that was even memorable.  He slept wonderfully.  I wish I could say the same thing. 

We shared some wonderful meals with our friends.  The fellowship and laughter around the tables are so meaningful.  It was fun to watch all the little children enjoy running around and having the best time.  I also really enjoyed my favorite food from Lutheridge...oatmeal.  There is just something about it that makes it amazing!

Headed down the mountain feeling refreshed, renewed and ready!  This just happens to be fall break at school, so I still have Monday off to do everything that got put on hold for the weekend.  I hope you had a beautiful weekend and that you take the time to enjoy the beauty around you.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. What a great way to unwind for the weekend and just enjoy fellowship with your church family!


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