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No More Searching in Your Purse with Bag Branch's Pocket Folios

Thank you to Bag Branch for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Real talk, ladies. Who else is annoyed when pants don't have pockets? Why don't designers understand we need a place to put our keys and phones, too? Instead of them being handy, we throw them into the black void that is our purse or, in my case, diaper bag. Then we have to search for tossed items when we need them.

Search no more! Bag Branch's Pocket Folios can hold all the necessary items for you, keeping all the pertinent items in one place that is easy to find. Delia, a New York-based handbag designer, created Pocket Folios based on a relaxing afternoon watching the trees blow in the wind and understanding women's needs of a way to consolidate our important things. 
The Pocket Folio is high quality and still compact enough to go from a purse to a gym bag to a diaper bag to simply being carried on its own. I love that it is so stylish and compact making it extremely practical for anyone.

The loop is adjustable and the pockets are all connected, keeping all your items in one, secure place.

The Pocket Folio has been a huge timesaver for me. I usually carry a diaper bag with my two little ones, but I also tutor a couple times a week. It is so nice to be able to easily transfer all my necessities from one bag to another effortlessly. 

Want it? Buy it!

The 6 Pocket Folio is $35.00. There is also a 5 Pocket Folio that comes in 6 different colors that is $29.00. 

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What woman in your life needs an extra "pocket"?

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