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If I Could Go Anywhere on Vacation, I Would Go to...

...Disney World. I mean, come on, who wouldn't? We went to Disney last year and it was my first time. I absolutely loved it and can see why so many people go so frequently. It is amazing, but also very expensive. 

We just went to Chicago for a few days and I'm not sure we could be in the car for too much longer so closer getaways seem like the best option in our current phase. 

I'd really love to check out more places in Michigan. Having only been there once, I am interested in more of what it has to offer. From what I've heard, it is a nice place to take families. Maverick will be 1 and Hendrix will be 3.5. 

Here's what I'd love to explore:
-small towns
-any kid friendly museums or attractions
-of course delicious foody places
-any kid friendly breweries
-local sweets places

Where would you go on vacation? 

Do you have any favorite vacation spots with little ones? 

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