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High Quality Pet Products from HandsOn Gloves and Pet Magasin

Thank you to RCA Communications for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you have animals like mine, sometimes he enjoys being brushed and other times he runs like I'm going to give him a bath. The HandsOn gloves make it so much easier to brush Edgar and he seems to prefer the feel of the HandsOn gloves over the tines of a brush. I love the gloves because they are easier to clean and stay on my hands securely, making the grooming process more enjoyable. 

Pet Magasin is another company that focuses on quality, safety, and value. The countless, dedicated hours spent developing and testing products shows in their perfect pet products. Our cat, Edgar, has been loving his new Cat Cave and Collapsible Hard Cover Cat Carrier. Style and quality are both at the forefront of the designs for this company and it shows. Pet Magasin has everything you need to welcome a furry friend into your home. 
HandsOn is a company that is always looking for a better way to make their products. They believe in high quality and maintaining integrity of their products for customers ranging from pet owners to professional groomers. HandsOn Gloves are so easy to use and really give you and your pet some bonding time. Instead of using a wire brush or whatever grooming tools you purchased at the pet store, HandsOn Gloves allow you to pet your animal and groom them at the same time.

Edgar doesn't always like to be brushed, but he loves to be petted so of course HandsOn Gloves have been a hit in our house. 

Pet Magasin spends countless hours testing, evaluating, and perfecting designs. 

Edgar despises going to the vet and I have to wiggle him into his carrier. The moment I put together the Collapsible Hard Cover Cat Carrier, he got in and smelled it. It is super easy to put together and I cannot tell you how much I love that it collapses making it such a space saver, which I know everyone could appreciate. 

The Cat Cave is super snuggly and Edgar loves to climb in and sleep. Unfortunately, this has not been photographed because he gets out when I get too close with my phone. He must want it to be a secret how much he enjoys it. The soft, cozy inside provides a space for him to be calm and relaxed without the boys bothering him. 

Want it? Buy it!

HandsOn Gloves are available for $24.99 right now in either green or black. There are also two codes: one for a free hat and one for free shipping once you get to their site. 

The Collapsible Hard Cover Cat Carrier is only $39.99 right now (regularly $79.99). The Cat Cave is only $24.99 (reguarly $99.99). Not only are these products on sale, but there is free shipping on orders over $35. 

If you're thinking about getting any kind of pets over the holidays, check out HandsOn Gloves and Pet Magasin for all their innovative and high quality products. If you already have animals in your home, spoil them a little. 

Make sure to follow both companies on social media for new and innovative pet products. 


Pet Magasin

What other pet products do you absolutely love? 


  1. These look like great products. I really like the cat carrier!

    1. It is so cool. It folds flat and zips for storage and it has a nice little black pad for the pets. One of the coolest pet products I've seen, truly.


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