Friday Feelings!

Happy Friday everyone!!  I'm usually very excited to see Friday roll around but this Friday is a little different.  My son has talked me into taking him to Scarowinds tonight!  If you aren't familiar with this, I'll fill you in.
Carowinds is a super fun theme park located in Charlotte, NC which is about an hour from our house.  We bought season passes this year as Aiden's birthday gift and have enjoyed a couple trips there this summer.  Scarowinds comes around during the Halloween season and is very popular.  Carowinds turns into a huge haunted theme park.  Some of Aiden's friends have gone and he is determined that he wants to go.  I debated about taking him but we have some friends going tonight and we are all going to go together.  I am worried about him being scared, but he assures me that he knows it's all fake and he will not be scared. As my friend put it, it's the fear of the unknown since we have never been.  I used to love to go to haunted houses when I was younger, even though I came out scared to death.  I am older and wiser now and not looking forward to an evening of haunting.  Thank goodness you can purchase a "No Boo" necklace and the monsters will leave you alone.  I have a feeling I will be wearing one before the night is over and so will Aiden! 

Fear rises when darkness falls as Carowinds is transformed from a “theme park” into a “scream park” during the annual haunt of SCarowinds. Experience the thrills of your favorite rides and the chills of terrifying haunted attractions and shows. With over ghastly 500 monsters waiting to feed off your screams, there’s no place to hide during the Carolinas largest Halloween event.

Say some prayers for me tonight because I am feeling anxious, scared and excited all at the same time. Am I crazy for doing this?  Do any of you guys like to go to haunted houses?

 Have a wonderful Friday and remember I'm at Scarowinds...Just in case I don't make it out!!


  1. This sounds like so much fun!

  2. We live in SC and I have been wanting to go to this park. Scarowinds sounds like even more fun. Have a great time! :)


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