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Brilliant Baby Gifts for the Holidays #MBPHGG18

Thanks to Yookidoo, HABA, Yoee Baby, Haaka, and Olen Baby for providing samples for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Babies, babies, babies! They seem to be popping up everywhere in my life these days. We have a sweet new baby in our family, and I have a lot of friends who either have new babies or are currently expecting. When the holidays roll around, it can be sort of overwhelming when trying to find just the right gift for baby. They're so little, and while they don't need much, there are certain products that make great gifts for parents and fun little developmental toys and activities that will bring about loads of fun for the little ones.

Part of my job is to connect you with really cool brands and products, and hopefully make your gift-giving woes disappear. I have an awesome little roundup of baby products that make perfect gifts for the holidays, and I have a feeling that you're really going to love these suggestions!

You'll love Yookidoo!

Yookidoo is one of my favorite baby product brands! They have such neat products, and they're all incredibly colorful and fun for little ones. When babies are just starting out, there isn't much they can do other than lie on their backs and stare up, which is why an activity gym is perfect! It's one of those versatile gifts that baby will enjoy from birth up to about age 1. Both of my kids loved their activity gyms when they were newborns, but theirs weren't nearly as cool as Yookidoo’s revolutionary Gymotion® Activity Playland!

This amazing Playland has so many cool activities for babies! My own kids would have loved this so much! It's a portable patented activity playground for providing baby with developmental play during multiple stages of development. Plush fantasy themed figures constantly ride back and forth on the motorized Yookidoo Magic Motion Track™.

More than 20 developmental activities and evolves with the baby in 3 stages of play that encourage growth and learning during the critical developmental stages of your child.

Stage 1: Lay and Play-Baby improves on focus, eye tracking skills, and hand-eye coordination.
Stage 2: Tummy and Play-This stage promotes head lifting and strengthens baby's shoulders and upper body.
Stage 3: Sit and Play-Encourages exploration and curiosity and teaches baby cause and effect principles.

Age range: Birth-12 months
MSRP: $79.99; Amazon, Yookidoo

Yoee- Baby's First Toy

Yoee gives baby their very first toy that can be explored and enjoyed right from day one!

Play and exploration is such an important part of baby's development, as is interaction with parents and loved ones. Yoee Baby is a sweet and cuddly little sensory toy that awakens your baby's senses. It has a long feather-like tail, which is so soft and gentle! Babies need touch, and this sweet little toy offers parents and caregivers another way to interact with baby!

A sensory gym is also a good idea for babies. Your baby would surely love it! You could set up a sensory gym using the sensory gym equipment.

The original Yoee Baby, a baby's first toy. Super soft and cute sensory toy that makes it fun and easy to play together from Day One. Inspired by caressing a baby with a feather, each character has a feather-like tail that can be used to stimulate baby’s senses, caress, tickle or calm and soothe. Includes a rattle, crinkle paper and a soft silicone teether — everything babies love in those early months. All-in-one toy: developmental, sensory, stuffed animal, teether, rattle.

Helps promote interaction and bonding, sensory and language development, body awareness, fine and gross motor skills.
Characters: Puppy, Kitty, Monkey, Lion, Fox, Bunny
Age Range: 0 - 18 mo

MSRP: $24.99; Amazon, Yoee Baby

Gaga for HABA

HABA's simple, classic toys for babies and kids are always a good way to go!

We have an amazing collection of HABA toys at our house. It's a brand we've loved since my son was a baby/toddler, and one we continue to gravitate toward now with our toddler daughter. Their toys are so well-designed, not to mention just plain interesting and cool. HABA is a well-known and beloved brand by many families all over the world, and we absolutely love their baby toys.

This adorable little Gallavanting Goose Cuddly is so sweet! It's creamy soft with little crinkle tags for sensory play. She will help them fall asleep and comforts them when teething.

Age range: 6 Months+
MSRP: $19.99; HABA

Don't forget the stocking stuffers!

These handy little helpers are perfect for baby's stocking!

If your family is anything like mine, you probably have stockings for the little ones. My daughter's stocking in recent years was filled with essentials, like diaper rash cream, fruit pouches, grooming essentials, teething toys, etc. These are all great gift ideas, but I want to share a couple of others that will be game changers for you and your baby!

The Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder

The Haakaa Silicone Fresh Food Feeder is the perfect way to introduce solids into your baby’s diet without the risk of choking. Need a teether, too? Simply turn your feeder upside down and your child can chew and suck on a 100% food grade silicone teether. Talk about one and done! I love 2-in-1 products, don't you?

Put fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone pouch and seal tight.
Allows the child to experience the flavor and texture of solid foods while also building independence, learning to self-feed, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
More hygienic and long-lasting than other mesh material alternatives.

MSRP: $14.99; Amazon

Olen Baby Butz Cream

Safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available without a prescription.

Olen's Baby Butz Cream contains 100% natural ingredients, 30% zinc oxide. No chemicals, no alcohol, no perfumes, no parabens, Gluten-Free, and hypoallergenic.
Used in hospital neonatal units and many pediatricians hand out samples, plus medical professionals have endorsed this cream.
Perfect for the whole family! Excellent for eczema, baby drool rash (from teething), bug bites, Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, cold sores, itchy dry skin, dry cracked hands and feet, heat rashes, other types of skin rashes

MSRP: $7.99 (2 oz.); $12.99 (4 oz.); Amazon
8 oz. Target exclusive, in-store and online - $19.95

Want them? Get them!

We love all of these amazing brands and products and can't wait to share some of them with the wonderful littles in our lives this holiday season. Lots of these are go-to brands and gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and special celebrations. It makes total sense that they're perfect for the holidays, too!

Be sure to look for all of these wonderful brands in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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  1. These are great ideas. The Yoee- Baby's First Toy is so cute!!


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