Best Kids Craft Ideas

Do your kids often complain about being bored?  Mine sure do, but we're working toward finding better ways to occupy time with hands-on activities. Instead of sticking them in front of the TV, you can stimulate their creative side by having them take part in any one of the fantastic and extremely fun craft ideas that you can find listed below.  

So, if you were struggling on activities to give your kids to do, simply have a read of the craft activities below. You may feel like getting involved yourself... and we promise, you'll have more fun than you think!  

Rock Painting 
Painting rocks is a simple but fun and therapeutic activity. You can go out with your kids and find the best rocks to paint. It’s an excellent way to turn something that looks quite plain and ordinary into your own work of art.  
Ideally, you’ll want to find flat rocks as they’re easier for children to paint. Give them a wash and get the acrylic paint set out. Use acrylic as the first color layer over the rock and let it dry before adding more paint and decorations.  

Lava Lamps 
Lava lamps can be made by using only four ingredients – so they’re simpler to make than you may be thinking! 
All you need is Alka-Seltzer, oil, water, and food coloring. Lava lamps are a great bedroom decoration that will have your kids fascinated for days on end.  
The vibrant colors and nature of lava lamps is something that kids and adults are intrigued by. They’re visually stimulating for kids too.  

Monster Glove Puppets 
If you have some spare gloves that aren’t going to be used anytime soon, you could turn them into monster glove puppets.  
Grab some decoration supplies, such as googly eyes, glitter, and anything else that your child needs to create their own puppets. Once they’re completed, you can put on little shows and have your kids make up their own storylines.  You could even use some old cardboard boxes and find some sheets to make a small puppet show theatre.  
These shows can keep your kids busy for hours and also help with developing their imaginative side. 

Butterflies from Toilet Paper Roll 
The chances are, your child loves butterflies, and they'll enjoy making their own from the toilet roll. 
In addition to the roll, you will need scissors, paint, a paintbrush, fuzzy sticks, and a hot glue gun. Cut the toilet paper into 4 separate pieces to act as the wings. Get the paint out and have your child decorate the wings in whatever colors they like.  
Fold the fuzzy stick in half to act as the body and carefully use the hot glue gun to stick the wings to the body.  

So, now that you know more about some fun arts and crafts ideas, you can have your child entertained for hours upon hours and there are loads of ideas here. 
Furthermore, they’ll be able to exercise their creative side in the process. When kids are putting things together, they’re also given the chance to develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.  

What types of crafts do your kids enjoy making?

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