Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Soccer, BFFS, and Renaissance Fun

Happy Saturday, friends. I'm feeling a little on edge today because I am pretty worried about some friends and family in the path of Hurricane Florence. I am trying to get my mind right and focus on prayerfully believing that everyone will be okay. Would you please join me in prayer for everyone in the path of the storm? 

D's first and only "Renaissance Experience" at Medieval Times June 2017

Today, will be a little busy for us, but not all of us will be together. D is heading to a Renaissance Faire with her BFF, M (and M's Mom). I think it's pretty cool that M opted to bring 2 friends to a Renaissance Fair versus having a traditional birthday party, even though a very small part of me is feeling a little anxious about it. 

R has a game, a little later than usual this afternoon, which means we get to just chill out a little longer before heading to the park. Last week, she scored her first goal and I'm excited to see if she can do it again. Hopefully, this time I'll get a picture or video. She really loves soccer and seems to have this natural talent for it.   

Gram is still in Florida (and R has another game) so we won't be heading down for a visit as we usually do. We don't have plans for the day, aside from R's game, but I'm willing to be things will come up because they usually do.  

I hope you have a safe and joyful weekend!

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