Time- The Mommy’s Enemy

Time is precious. Time seems to go slowly for the things we want but too quickly for the things we do not want or are unprepared for.  This weekend has been one of those instances where I am sad for the times I said we have more time to do...

Time is relative to everything we do as parents.  We believe in bedtime, rushing to getting ready for the day or a special occasion on time, and spending quality time.  Sometimes we make changes believing that there is still time to do all the things we want to do with our children, but fail to make the time to do it.

 I am that mom that had wished for E to start to walk, start to talk, and to start school.  Looking back now, I feel that I rushed those things along and wonder where my baby went.  E s in his final year of high school and while we have beautiful memories of his childhood I cannot help but feel that time is running out for him being a child and my baby is not so much my baby anymore.

This is the letter I received that made me realize that time does not stand still.  These moments we have with our children are gone in the blink of an eye.  It is so important to make the time for every little thing you want to.  Your children will grow faster than you are prepared for and the memories you make will be there for a lifetime.  Make the time to make the memories.  Don't let time be your enemy.

What do you think you need more time for?
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  1. The time passes so fast, but there is always time for memories!


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