The Abc's of Advice

There are no guidebooks for parental advice.  While my children are teenagers and don’t seek my advice I have no qualms about giving it. There is a method or an organization of giving advice that I have never noticed but there must be a reason these points follow the alphabet.

A- Always give 100%
B- Be yourself no matter what anyone thinks. 
C- Care about others as much as you care for yourself
D- Don’t discourage when things don’t go your way
E- Everything happens for a reason

F, G and H- Forgive, give instead of get and always help.
I,J, and K- I love you is the strongest word you will say. “Just joking” does not take back words that are spoken. Kneel when the world gets to be too tough.

L, M, and N- Listen first before you speak. Make amends when you have done something wrong. Never give up on yourself.

O, P, and Q- Opening your mind allows for an open heart. Personality should always overcome the privilege. Quiet time gives you time to reflect. 

R, S, and T- Reflection is important more so than in a mirror. Stopping does not mean standing still. Smell the flowers and look around. Time goes slowly when you want something but too quickly when you overlook it.

U, V, and W-  Understanding gives you a better perception of life. Views are meant to be changed. Will is more than a four letter word.

X, Y, and Z-  Xo is more than a signature. You are here for a reason. Zero is a starting count.  It is not a sign of failure.

What are your ABC's of Advice?

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  1. I like the "zero is a starting count, not a failure". What a great way to look at it!


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