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Oh, the dreaded back to school haircut! Haircuts for my son have always been hard on the two of us. As a toddler, B was absolutely terrified of having his hair cut by anyone- even me. For years, I tried and tried to calm his nerves long enough for him to sit still so I could attempt to cut his hair at home... there was no way I was going to subject anyone else to his outbursts and antics! B's fear of the shears resulted in years of beautiful long locks for the boy, but once he was in school full time, I knew it was time to go with a shorter cut that would be easy to maintain, as well as keep him cool and comfortable.

Do your kids feel this way about getting their hair cut?

Haircuts? Blah!

Over the years, B has come such a long way in terms of how he deals with fear and anxiety. He's now happy to have his hair short, as it keeps him comfy, plus- he can use styling products to create his own unique look!

It's no secret that haircuts can be expensive, and when you have two guys under your roof who need their hair cut every 2-3 weeks, that can add up rather quickly! Rather than torture my bank account, I've learned to cut their hair at home. I've actually been cutting my hubby's hair at home for over ten years! B has finally decided to be brave enough to let me cut his hair, but it isn't something I would feel comfortable doing without the right tools.

Andis has you covered this back to school season!

My family has been using Andis products for over five years, at least. My very favorite hairdryer is an Andis hairdryer, and my hubby and my dad both love their Andis clipper sets! Since I wind up cutting B's hair so often, less is more! I don't need tons of attachments, just a handy, easy to use set of clippers that can help me achieve a really nice look for a 7-year-old boy.

Parents can save time, and money, with the Andis Select Cut Cordless Clipper Kit. Now available at your local Target, the Select Cut Cordless Clipper is a 10-piece kit equipped with everything you need to give a haircut at home, including two reversible attachment combs for 4 cutting lengths.

What I love about this set, is that it's an amazing value for the price. It retails for $49.99, and comes with everything you need to cut your child's hair at home. The actual clippers can be corded or cordless. I love that there's a cordless option! It makes my life so much easier, especially since I also have a toddler who loves to be under my feet. This keeps her from getting tangled up in the cord.

This set also includes a cape, so B feels like he's getting a 'real' haircut, even at home. The combs are reversible- so we have 4 length options, and they're easy to attach and detach in seconds. The comb and shears help me be able to scissor cut the top of B's hair, as he likes it. The handy storage case makes it easy to bring the tools along on vacations, etc., and the oil and brush allow me to keep the set clean and in good working order.

Be a back to school hero with your own Andis clippers!

You don't have to be a pro to help your kids look great this school year. Sometimes all it takes is a quick buzz, and your kiddo is transformed from looking like a sheepdog to looking like themselves again (that's a little joke we have at our house). I'm so glad to have this amazing corded/cordless clipper set from Andis! Maybe I can use some of that money I'm saving on haircuts to fund my morning coffee runs!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Andis to learn more about their awesome company and products for the whole family. You can find the Andis Select Cut Clipper Set at Target!

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  1. I always cut my child's hair at home. It saves so much money! These clippers look great!


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