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I love to read.  I love to explore places, characters and situations that I may never experience in my own life.  Reading is my favorite past-time.  I started the year with a goal to read 100 books and am currently at 98 read.  I am so impressed of meeting my goal, but there is a lack of closure reaching it.
There are applications on my cell phone or Kindle that allow me to read books from everywhere.  I found applications for Amazon, Connecticut libraries and one that is audio books.  There are pros and cons to each format.

I utilize Amazon the most, but use book sharing sites to lead me to books that are low or no charge.  For readers like me The Fussy Librarian, Ereader News, Freebooksy, and Bookbub are incredible sources for finding new books.  The only issue I see is that sometimes the pricing jumps or changes from the time of the email notification and the downloading of the book.  

Libby is one of my favorite applications.  By linking my library card I can borrow ebooks like I would in the library.  The system poles all of the Connecticut libraries and I can borrow from any of them.  The downside is that ebooks, while popular, are not always available in that format and I cannot find a hard copy of a book I want to read.

Readercoin is an application that is a bit rough to get used to, but it is an audio book site.  This application allows you to listen to books while traveling.  This applications pays you in points for every minute you listen.  You can convert these to giftcards or donate to causes.  I have earned enough in less than a month to donate to causes that mean a lot to me.

Are you a reader?  How do you find books you want to read?
We would love to hear from you.  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments over on MBP social media. Let's read for fun or for a cause together.

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  1. I love reading, but I am old school and much prefer actual books in my hand versus a tablet or phone.
    I tend to find books based on suggestions from friends and family and if I like one book, I will look from other by the same author.


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