My Favorite Pet

I was fortunate enough to have an aunt that absolutely adored animal. I was around cats, dogs, and horses on a daily basis. This big, furry hunk of love is Christopher. When Christopher first arrived at my aunt's house, he had a very rough personality and was covered in fleas. *My aunt had animals dropped in her driveway a few times because neighbors knew she'd take care of them.* After a few days of intense care, he was a totally different cat-snuggly, sweet, and just loved people.

I think having pets as a kid opens a whole other world. It teaches kids to be kind and caring of other living creatures. Christopher was by far my favorite of the dozen or so animals I had the pleasure of knowing in my childhood.

I liked him so much so that I ended up with a black cat of my own in adulthood. 

As Christopher was rescued and saved by my aunt, I found this little guy (later to be named Edgar) abandoned at a car wash. It was a cooler day and he was huddled in a corner, shivering and crying. Of course, I took him to the nearest vet to see if he was chipped. Because he was not, he became ours. If you're thinking about rescuing a cat and bringing a new pet into the family, you will probably want to check out the best cat insurance for your new family pet.

We have now had Edgar for 7 years, 7 great years. He's such a good cat and has brought so much joy to our lives. When I'm stressed, I think he can tell and snuggles with me to make me feel better. Through both of my pregnancies, he would snuggle my belly at night, like he was already bonding with my babies. 

He'll check on the boys when they cry. 

He snuggles Hendrix and meows in the morning to say good morning. 

He greets us when we walk in the door. 

He snuggles with me at night still. 

I just love Edgar and am so glad I decided to rescue him on that fall day in 2011. 

What pets do you have, if any? How do they fit in the family dynamic? 

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