Must-Have Products for Families on the Go this Fall

Thank you to Orca Communications for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Life gets busy. I feel like it gets busy without us realizing it sometimes. We all want products that make our lives easier and more convenient. As parents, that desire for simple and effective products increases dramatically. Our children and time are precious so we need to maximize every moment. The Portable High Chair, Bug Band, and Rapid Slicer are all time savers, easy to use, and work very well.

Take a look at some of my top picks for must-have products this fall...

The ciao! baby Portable High Chair

My youngest has been eating purees since he turned 4 months old. Feeding him can be a challenge sometimes because he can't quite sit up in restaurant high chairs and sometimes the stroller is not always available or accessible. Enter the Portable High Chair.

The Portable High Chair is great for not only outdoor spaces, but taking along anywhere. Most of our family does not have high chairs anymore so we have just taken the Portable High Chair. Maverick can sit in it pretty comfortably and we should be able to use it for a while. I must say we also use it outside in our own yard. On nicer days, we'll eat by the pool or stay outside to eat snacks. The clip-on umbrella is great for keeping Maverick in the shade on the sunny, hot days.

I see you soccer and baseball moms and dads. This chair is durable and perfect for those days and nights by the fields; comfortable for your little one, easy to wash, set up, and put away. 

The Bug Band

I don't know about where you live, but the bugs have been horrible around our house this year. They especially love me and my youngest. The Bug Band and the diffuser have helped prevent a multitude of bug bites. I simply put the bug band on the stroller and walks in the evenings are no longer war zones against mosquitoes. If I'm working outside, I set up the diffuser somewhere near him. Ta-da! No more polka dotted legs because of so many bug bites. 

Even putting it on the stroller like this keeps the bugs away. 

The Bug Bands and diffuser are very easy to use and have proven to be effective. These are a must for anyone who likes to spend time outside. No more inhaling the bug spray; simply use the Bug Band or the Insect Repellant Portable Diffuser. They are all safe for children and pets. 

Rapid Slicer

We all see these products advertised and desperately want them to work, but still remain a little skeptical. Let me tell you, the Rapid Slicer works. I mainly use it for grapes since my son eats grapes like candy. The little dents help to hold the food in place and after slicing through, you've saved yourself a few minutes of individually cutting each grape, tomato, or whatever you've put in there. 

Not only is it easy to use, but also easy to clean, just throw it in the dishwasher. Durable, made in the USA, and made to assist people with arthritis. Bonuses to a great product!

Want it? Buy it!

The ciao! baby Portable High Chair is $59.99 and the umbrella is $29.99. A pack of 4 Bug Bands will run $12.68. The Rapid Slicer is only $12.95. 

Why are you waiting to simplify your life? 

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