Mommy Indulgence- Making Time for Me

The job of a mother does not end when the children go to sleep.  The job of a mother does not end when we trade our mommy cap for the employee cap we wear if we work outside the home.  The truth is a mother's job is never done.  What tends to take a back seat is self-care and making time for Mommy because we are too busy multitasking and taking care of everyone and everything else.
I am that Mommy that has put everyone and everything before myself.  I have neglected to take time out to do the things I love because the needs of my husband and my children seem to have dwarfed my own needs and wants.  Now that E is older and more self sufficient I am struggling with what to do with myself. What can I do for me that will allow me to feel like Jess again and not just Mommy?

Here are some of my ideas for making me time

1.) Set aside a few hours one day a week to pamper yourself-  Get your hair cut, nails done, or even just shower without your little one with you.

2.)  Take up a hobby-  Read a new book or start a new series on Netflix.  Write a blog or take a class to better yourself.

3.) Experiment with new recipes.  Make something you have never made before and expand your palate.  

You see the thing I found out is that once your kids are more self sufficient you tend to lose sight of who you are.  You feel unneeded so you find yourself bored or lonely and at times overwhelmed by it all.  At least this has been the case for me.  I needed to learn that I am more than just the Mommy version of me.  I am Jess- a woman, a mother, a wife, and anything else I want to be.

What do you indulge in to feel like you?
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  1. Yes! It's so hard, sometimes, to lose sight of yourself when you become a wife and mother.
    Sometimes, when my kids are at school , I catch myself remembering the "old me". I liked her and need to get her back.


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