Mom Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

Every Mom knows that keeping anything clean with kids around can be an insurmountable challenge. However, one of the greatest problem areas that drive most moms to distraction has to be the family car.
Kids and cars are a terrible mix. How often have you opened your vehicle’s rear doors to find an avalanche of candy wrappers, soda cans, toys, and books fall out? There’s something about cars that seems to encourage kids to use them an extension of their own bedroom, and the sheer range of items that you find tucked into your seat pockets, under the seats, and in the trunk can be mind-boggling!

If your car is a danger zone that you’d rather avoid, here are some top tips for keeping it clean.
Keep A Garbage Bag On Hand
Probably the simplest tip is to keep a garbage bag in your car at all times. A standard trash can liner will do the job. Fix it to the back of the seat so that it is right in your children’s line of sight, and remind your kids constantly to put garbage in it. Eventually, the message will sink in. This is especially important if you’re heading off on a long journey or road trip, since otherwise, by the time you reach your destination you all run the risk of drowning in your own trash!
Organization Is Key
Just like inside the home, organization inside your car is the key to keeping your space tidy. If toys, books, and snacks are allowed to just accumulate on the floor of the vehicle, it’s rapidly going to get out of hand. Invest in a couple of cars tidies to hang on the back of the seats. These have handy pockets that can hold everything from a smartphone or tablet to books, water bottles, and toys so everything is within easy reach, but away from the floor or seat.

Keep Cupholders Clean
Your car’s cup holders can a be a key area where grime and dirt build up. Spilled sodas and coffees can leave a sticky residue that is really hard to shift. Stop the problem in its tracks by investing in a few silicone cupcake cases. Just put them into the cup holders and they will catch all of those drips. You can then just take them out and pop them in your dishwasher before reinserting them again. Easy!
Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning isn’t just for inside your home, your car can benefit too. If you have a steam cleaner, you’ve probably already discovered just how versatile it can be. Whether you’re trying to clean your shower stall, your upholstery or your oven, a steam cleaner can really save the day. By using the power of heat and water, it can make short work of even the greasiest and stickiest messes. If your car interior is covered in mystery stains, marks and grime, a steam cleaner could solve all your problems. Cleaning your vehicle will be a breeze with a steam cleaner.
Vacuum Regularly
Crumbs and debris make your car look much dirtier than it really is. One way to eliminate the problem is to ban the kids from eating in the car at all, but this becomes virtually impossible if you’re on an extended road trip. Vacuuming regularly is an easier and more practical solution unless you really enjoy listening to the kids whining about how hungry they are! Try to make time to vacuum your entire vehicle’s interior at least once per month and you’ll be able to stay on top of the worst of the debris. Finding the right vacuum for car detailing isn't as hard as you may think.

Keep Baby Wipes On Hand
Even if your kids are well past the diaper stage, baby wipes are still an essential in-car accessory. You'll be amazed by how many times you need to use these wet wipes – from cleaning grimy hands after eating to mopping up emergency spills. Make sure to have a pack in your glove compartment at all times so that you have them within easy reach. You won’t regret it!
While transporting the kids from A to B may be a key remit in any Mom’s job description, at least spending hours scrubbing your car afterward won’t be necessary if you follow these top Mom tips!

What do you do to keep your car's interior in tip-top shape?

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