Lil Snappers: Nutritious and Delicious Fruit for Little Hands

Thank you to Stemilt for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Fall is here, and we're so happy to usher in everything that we love about the cool and colorful season. When I think of fall, I immediately think about gorgeous colors- deep reds, golden hues, olive tones, and everything from apparel to decor and food! The scent of cinnamon and apple are often wafting through the air in my home this time of year, and I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate some of our favorite autumn fruits into our weekly menu and snack plans for after school.

Both of my kids are fruit lovers, and I am so thankful for that because my husband doesn't care for fruit. We tend to over-buy fruit in larger bundles, simply because it seems like it's cheaper to do so. We wind up wasting money, however, because there's no way my kids can eat all of that fruit before it spoils. Plus, the portion sizes are usually too large for them. My two-year-old just can't eat a whole apple or banana at once, and while my seven-year-old can, he usually only wants just a little bit, rather than the whole thing.

Lil' Snappers makes fruit buying simple!

Stunningly beautiful, fresh-tasting and kid-friendly fruit from Lil' Snappers by Stemilt.

When I recently learned about Lil' Snappers, I was honestly excited to see how my kids would do with smaller sized fruit. Lil' Snappers fruits are perfect for kids- they're kid-sized, perfect for snacks, lunch boxes, and they're fresh from Stemilt, the leading grower of Washington apples and pears.
Stemilt provides farm to fork fruits for families, working hard to make sure that families are grown on their farms, packed, and sent straight to your local grocery store (like Food Lion and Ingles).

I was highly impressed with the way the fruit looked when it arrived on my doorstep, straight from Stemilt. Each three-pound bag of Lil' Snappers fruit contained the most beautiful fruit I've ever seen. The Gala apples almost looked too good to eat- I wanted to create a fall display with them because they were just so gorgeous! The same could be said of the beautiful Bartlet pears!

The Taste Test

Sweet, crunchy and delicious gala apples from Lil' Snappers are the perfect healthy after school snack!

My kids love apples, but they usually go for Granny Smiths above any other variety. When I approached Bean with a Lil' Snappers Gala apple, I wondered if she would go for it. There's quite a difference in taste between the two apple varieties! She loves how small the apple was when I handed it to her. It fit perfectly in her little hands, and before I knew it, she had gobbled up the entire apple and was handing me the core! In fact, both of my kids love the Lil' Snappers Gala apples. I think part of why they love them so much, aside from the size, is that they're crisp- they're not soft and smushy like so many other apples tend to be.

We also received those gorgeously golden Bartlett pears, and while my son isn't a pear lover, my sweet girl is! She and I have been enjoying those sweet, crisp pears with our lunches, and since we have a couple of them left, I plan to bake them for dessert one night this week. You'll have to stay tuned for the recipe!

We love to make creative snacks from apples, and we'll be having a lot of fun with them this fall as we approach Halloween and Thanksgiving. This Apple Car Activity & Snack is so much fun for the kids to make and eat! We first made it with Granny Smith apples, and now we're looking forward to making it with some of our yummy Gala apples from Lil' Snappers! It's perfect for toddlers, and older kids love it, too!

Want them? Get them!

There are so many wonderful fruit selections available from Lil' Snappers, such as several varieties of apples, citrus fruits, pears, mixed fruits, and more! I have a feeling that your kiddos will love these fruits as much as mine have.

For more information, visit Lil' Snappers & be sure to check out everything from recipes to fun & games on their site!

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Special thanks to our friends at Stemilt for allowing me to share about their delicious and fun kid-sized fruit!

Do your kiddos like fruit? Which fruits are their favorites?

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