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Hurricane Home Preparedness & Safety Tips

Good morning and happy Thursday! If you've been following updates on Hurricane Florence, we've shared a live look (via WSOCTV) at the storm as it makes its way through the Carolinas and surrounding states. Here in the Piedmont of NC, we're already seeing the winds picking up off and on. Most schools will be closed tomorrow, some are even closed today as preparations are made. Though the storm has been downgraded to a Cat 2, this is still a MAJOR hurricane and will batter our beautiful coast.

While we've seen lots of memes poking fun at the storm, it's no joke. Lives, homes, livestock and people's livelihood are all at stake. Please pray for our beautiful state, and for our neighboring states, too. There are those who are ignoring mandatory evacuation orders along the coast and riding out the storm.

Trampoline ground anchor

There's still time to prepare for the storm

With any hurricane, it's a good idea to take precautions and simply listen to the advice being given by emergency officials, city government, etc. Even if you live a good distance inland, you could still be impacted by wind and rain with possible flooding. It's a good idea to prepare and protect your home and family. Our friends at Springfree Trampoline are sharing some wonderful tips on how you can get ready to weather the storm.

  • Secure outdoor furniture and toys like trampolines so they don’t fly away – there are plenty of tools to help secure your possessions, like Springfree Trampoline's ground anchor that safely and securely anchors your trampoline to the ground.
  • Locate utility cut-offs – make sure to turn off your water, power, and gas before leaving your home.
  • Move cars to safety – move your cars inside the garage or close to the side of the home so they’re sheltered from winds; avoid parking near trees or power lines.
  • Have a 3-day supply of essential items- food, water, medications, and important documents.

-Tips provided by  Springfree Trampoline, maker of the world’s safest, highest quality and longest lasting trampoline; Springfree has a store in Charlotte, so this is particularly close to their heart as they want to make sure all residents are as safe as possible!

My parents with my son in Oak Island, NC (July 2018)

Carolina Strong

50% of the MBP Team lives in North or South Carolina, and we do expect to see significant wind and damaging rain/flooding from the hurricane as it moves over our area this weekend. We love our coast so much, and we're heartbroken that significant damage is likely to occur.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our readers, partners, and friends in the path of Hurricane Florence. If you're in the Carolinas, we'd love to hear from you- check in with us in the comments and let us know how conditions are in your area and how you're doing.

Stay safe & God bless our beautiful state!

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  1. Oh, boy, they wouldn't have to tell me twice to evacuate. I'd be out of the area very quickly. I hope those still there are safe.


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