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How to Read More and Get Through Your Book Pile

Even avid readers wind up with piles of books in their “to be read” column. Everyone loves a chance to escape into a world of fantasy or even fact, but not everyone sets aside the time to do it. Instead, they continue to see books and say, “I want to read that!” and add yet another novel to their ever-growing list. We all want to make it through that list, experience these books, and embark on new adventures. But how to take that first step? What is the best way to tackle this seemingly insurmountable task?

The struggle of combatting book recommendations is difficult. Here are some things you can do to narrow your reading list, and then start tackling that project of actually reading and getting through your book pile.

1. Learn More About the Books

When your pile grows too large, you start to forget why you ever wanted to read the stories in the first place. Book lovers everywhere who face the same problems always recommend reading the back covers to re-associate what the book is about with your desire to read it.

However, this process might seem time-consuming, so another option is to use other resources such as the internet or applications. Apps like Blinkist have tons of book summaries available at the touch of a button, and they add more to their collection every day. (You can check out this handy Blinkist guide by Self Development Secrets for more information on that app.)

Use what resources you can to either remember why you wanted to read the book in the first place, or to prioritize which book to read first based on your interest in the subject.

2. Carry a Book with You Everywhere

If you always have a book on hand, in your downtime (however short that might be), you can whip out a book and make a dent in your reading list. Carrying a book with you will give you the chance to read more and expand your horizons, as well as begin to make headway on your seemingly endless “to be read” list.

If you have a brief moment at work, read your book. If you are on the road (and not the driver), read some more. Having a book handy will give you a chance to read more, even if only for a page or two. No time will ever feel wasted!

3. Consider Audiobooks

Audiobooks can help you decrease your physical book pile, and it is a far more convenient option than a bulky book might be. As previously stated, you can carry around a book, but everyone always has their phone. You are never without it. So why not add books to your phone?

Another advantage of audiobooks is that you do not need to do the physical reading, which gives you more freedom to get through the book, so to speak. You can listen to it anywhere that it does not interfere with your daily life, and it will keep your actual book pile from getting out of hand.

4. Create a Reward System

Set goals for yourself before you add new books to your list. Maybe you have to finish five books before you can add a new one. Maybe you can combine physical books and audiobooks and create a reward system that way, like two audiobooks to everyone “actual” book.

Only you can determine what kind of system will work for you, but setting these kinds of goals will encourage you to read more and also keep your list from getting too long all at once.


We all know the temptation of books, and we all know the pain of not having enough time in a day to set aside for reading. We all enjoy a good story, and sometimes we let those stories pile up too high until it becomes too daunting to read. However, in following these steps, you can begin making a dent in your list and incorporating more reading into your life.

What's on your current reading list?

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