Grandparents Day- The Real MVPs

My sisters and I grew up in a large family with one of the greatest grandparents.  Our Gram is the matriarch of our family and has inspired us all with values in love, cooking, and family.  This year our Gram will be 91 years old and you would never know it because she does not act like a woman of 91 years.  Our gram is the strongest, nicest, and most inspiring person I know and I would like to introduce her to you.

Gram taught me about life by taking me to visit my Great Gram in a nursing home when I was very young.  She told me that life is short and that visiting helps to heal the heart of the lonely.  Family should always come first and life is all about the memories you keep.  

  Gram taught me about love when I asked her why she never remarried about my Grandfather passed away as she was so young.  My Gram told me there are great love stories in life.  If you are lucky to find one there is no need to have one rewritten.  The love between her and my Grandfather was a great love and nothing would compare. 

Gram taught me never to settle for less than the best.  I lived with my husband before we got married and wanted permission of sorts from my Gram before I did.  I didn't want to disappoint her.  Her response was, "Jessie that's a good plan.  You don't want to get stuck with someone if you cannot handle their bad habits." At the time my Gram was 80 and I remember thinking how modern this classy lady is.  

Gram joined Facebook a few years ago and I will never forget the day she sent a friend request.  She understands our busy life and that visiting may not always happen but she wants us to know she is always  supporting us and is happy for us when things are going well and a shoulder when things are not.  I still smile when she likes something I shared.

Our Gram is full of class, sass, and everything that makes a wonderful Gram.  I am blessed to have someone so supportive.  I am blessed to have someone in my life that truly puts others first and inspires me to do the same.

Happy Grandparent's Day!
To all the parents that made us parents and give us the best support.
You are the most valuable person.

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