Favorite Childhood Movies You Can't Wait To Watch With Your Kids

My husband and I have a running list of childhood favorite movies that we cannot wait to share with our kids one day. He has his favorite that we agreed our kids are not quite ready for yet and I had mine. Recently, my moment became a reality!

Being that our two guys are only 6 and 7, they have to wait a little while before viewing a lot of the movies we have in mind. The movie my husband is MOST excited to watch with our sons is...

Does anyone else share in his passion for this crazy movie?! I never quite "got" it. I can understand the hype and the "cult classic" following it has produced, but it just wasn't my jam as a kid. Now, "The Neverending Story" is ANOTHER STORY.

When I was a little girl, I watched that movie too many times to count. I just loved it so much and to this day, it evokes such feelings of nostalgia! My husband and I decided our boys were old enough to watch it and the other night, the magical moment took place.

It was far more magical for me than for anyone else in my family, I will tell you that. I think I had a smile on my face throughout the entire movie. What a weirdo. My 6 year old son LOVED it and wants to watch it again WITHOUT my 7 year old so that I do not need to fast forward past the scary wolf. Did I mention my little boys are complete opposites in almost every way humanly possible?

The moment came and went and after the movie ended, I tried to remember what it was exactly that made me love that movie so much. I think it all comes down to getting lost in a book. There is nothing quite like drowning in the sea of words on the pages of a book that grip onto you like nothing else can. When Bastian found the dark attic in his school, grabbed a blanket and opened up the book, I felt like I was right there with him. I got it as a child and I get it now! 

Is there a movie that you just cannot wait to share with your kiddos when they become old enough? Please share it with me in the comments below. Maybe I have missed it and can add it to my list as well!


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