Combat Seasonal Congestion & Maintain Good Respiratory Health with Myrtol® 300

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This year, I seem to be more ready for fall than ever before. I am over and done with the sweltering heat and sticky humidity, and can't wait to say hello to my good friends- skinny jeans, tunics, boots, and scarves. Oh, and did someone say pumpkin spice? Our fall schedule looked rather chaotic when my husband and I recently sat down to merge our calendars. We took a deep breath and smiled as we said, 'We can do this!'

What we can't do well during the busy fall season, however, is function properly, if we're sick or not feeling well. It takes two healthy parents to make everything run smoothly for our family. With school back in session, both of the kids, and my hubby (who is a college teacher) are exposed to loads of new germs, and we're all battling constant congestion from colds, allergies, and sinus pressure. Yikes!

Lucky for us, we're able to combat cold and sinus discomfort this fall, thanks to Myrtol® 300. It might sound like a great name for an action movie, but Myrtol® 300 is a dietary supplement that helps to maintain respiratory health*. It also supports healthy mucus production* and provides sinus and lung support*.

My husband is unfortunately very familiar with congestion and respiratory issues. In fact, he has lived with constant congestion for as long as I've known him (20 years!). The sinus pressure is painful, and the congestion not only makes it hard to breathe but contributes to sore throats from drainage and irritation, constant headaches, makes it hard to breathe while doing everyday things, like eating or drinking and sleeping. The congestion leads to snoring, which in turn leads to very poor sleep for him, and me.

When it comes to a solution, it's all in the family!

Europeans have been using this secret weapon to combat congestion, irritation, and sinus pressure for over 40 years! I had to chuckle when I learned that Myrtol® 300 is also referred to as the 'German Pill,' because my husband's family is very German. The irony!

The ingredients in Myrtol® 300 work to help you maintain a clear and healthy respiratory tract. The supplement contains d-ELOM, which is a mixture of rectified essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, lemon, and myrtle.

Created by Pohl Boshkamp, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, founded in 1835 with popular brands in 50 countries around the world, Myrtol® 300 sells more than 250 million capsules per year internationally.  

We tried it, and loved it & now we don't leave home without it!

I keep Myrtol® 300 in my purse so I can take it at the first sign of sinus pressure, congestion or throat irritation.

My husband and I were both eager to try Myrtol® 300. I had high hopes that it would really help soothe my husband's sinuses and help us both breathe a little easier. Since my congestion isn't constant (it's more seasonal/situational), I took 1 capsule a day for a week, and my husband took 2 per day for a week. We each took the capsules about half an hour before a regular meal and drank a full glass of water. It can take a couple of weeks to notice full effects, but both my hubby and I were feeling better within that first week.

What changed after we tried it?

For myself, I noticed that my head felt clear and that on again, off again throbbing sinus headache that I seemed to be getting every couple of days on a regular basis, stopped. 

For Sacha, he noticed decreased headaches and overall sinus pressure within just a couple of days. After a week's usage, he also had an easier time breathing, and I noticed that he was snoring much less. 

Since we're combating the seasonal or continual congestion we both fight regularly, we're feeling better and healthier overall. We're sleeping better, and we have more energy during the day because we're not constantly feeling zapped by all of the yucky stuff that comes along with sinus issues.

Myrtol 300 Keeps Us Moving

We've always got places to go and things to do. Myrtol® 300 is helping us stay healthy so we can keep up with our always full schedule.

With two little ones, work life, home life, volunteer life, and all of the fun stuff in between, we don't have time to slow down due to poor respiratory health. We're so glad that we gave our new secret weapon a try, and are happy to have it in our arsenal this fall! I can't say how Myrtol® 300 will work for you, but it worked for us! Please keep in mind that I am sharing our personal experience with this product and your experience may differ. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions before using this or any other supplement.

Want it? Get it!

Myrtol® 300 is available in the US without a prescription and is available on Amazon for $19.99 per package (containing 20 capsules). If after using Myrtol® 300 two times a day for ten days, you do not feel a marked difference in your sinus and respiratory health – they will refund the money you paid – guaranteed.

For more information, check out these handy FAQ's.
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Do you suffer from sinus pressure & congestion? How have you worked to combat these issues in the past? I'd love to hear what's worked well for you & chat more about Myrtol®300 in the comments or over on MBP social media!

Wishing you good health and happiness!


  1. Oh, I might have to check this out. My husband had sinus issues over the last few days and was miserable. Now that he seems to be getting better, guess who is starting to feel blah?

    1. It's definitely worth trying! The Europeans have been using it for decades! I sure do hope you feel better!

  2. I've never heard of it but have so many family members this could help! I would love to try because I'm always congested because of allergies.


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