6 Things That Have Been In Past Fab Fit Fun Boxes (Promo Code Inside)

If you haven’t heard about the Fab Fit Fun boxes, you’ve been missing a lot. However, it is not too late to get your hands on one of the best deals offered on subscription services. Four times in one year, you have the chance to get a box full of fitness, beauty and fashion items. The deal is made better by the fact that while the items are worth hundreds of dollars, you only have to part with $49.95. In addition, the box comes with a great deal of pleasant surprise—you won’t know some of the items contained in the box until you open it. Products contained in past boxes will certainly inspire you to go for the subscription.

  • Jook and Nona Tag Necklace
Retailing at $65, you will be proud that you got this necklace. It is a combination of gold coated over stainless steel. The cute design will instantly take you in. It will definitely give you inspiration to up your style. In addition, it comes with engravings of such beautiful words as Love, Inspire, Happy and Dream.
  • Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette
If you love eyeshadow, the Fab Fit Fun box may have a treat of your life. The $50- worth package comes with a dozen shades, just what you need to pull a neutral look. The velvety and rich mates, as well as the pale shimmers, have the power to transform your looks into something out of this world.
  • ModCloth Loch and Key Blanket Scarf    
Here is a blanket for all seasons. Worth $35 dollars, you can use the scarf in winter for the much-needed warmth. It can also perfectly play the role of a blanket whenever you are traveling. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors.
  • O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face
It may be a spray and light, but this face peel will work wonders. It will not only smoothen your skin but will also leave a fresh feeling. Best of all, you don’t have to pay the $44 price it goes for. Just get it in the Fab Fit Fun box.
  • Anderson Lilley Body Cream
The heavenly smell will endear you to this product. It is perfect for people who would like to feel superb. Forget about the $24 price. It is part of the deal offered by Fab Fit Fun.
  • Exercise Ball with Fitness Videos
There is always something for the fitness enthusiast.  Apart from getting this ball, you will have access to Jillian Michaels workout training on Fab Fit Fun TV. Remember, the fitness ball has a retail value of $373. In reality, you will be getting it for almost free with Fab Fit Fun box.
The Wrap Up
Good things do not come often. With the kind of goodies, you will be getting with the Fab Fit Fun box, four times in a year are more than enough. Keep in mind that you can get a promo code for $10 off your first box at Coupon Cause. This means that you have the opportunity to make the deal even sweeter than it is already.

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