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6 Bridal Pictures You Must Take on Your Wedding Day

There is a lot that goes into creating a wedding. You have to book a venue, provide food, invite guests, plan the ceremony, and so much more. These are some of the typical wedding plans, although everyone’s wedding looks different. But one of the most important parts of planning a wedding for any bride-to-be is hiring a wedding photographer.

The photographer helps you capture the best moments of your special day and have precious wedding photos to look back on down the road. Read on to learn about 6 important types of bridal pictures you must take on your wedding day.

1.      Pictures Getting Ready

The hours leading up to a wedding ceremony are often some of the busiest hours of the day. The wedding photographer from https://labellecouture.com.sg/wedding-photography-singapore/ should take some photos during the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations before the guests arrive.

One popular shot is that of the wedding dress on its hanger. Another popular kind of shot is the bride and bridesmaids doing their hair and make-up. Of course, you’ll want to have a few of the groom and his groomsmen getting ready and tying ties. When the bride attaches the corsage to her mother or the boutonniere to her father are also nice photos to have.

2.      Venue Pictures

Taking snapshots of the venues where you host your ceremony and reception is also a great idea for your big day and will complement the other photos in your photo plan. The hard work that goes into setting up a space and making it perfect for a ceremony or party ought to be captured after all.

You can take photos of just your venues and later of the wedding party entering or posing in the venues as well.

3.      Ceremony Pictures

Ceremony photos are some of the most important ones that get taken on a wedding day. You will want to capture the bridesmaids and bride entering and walking down the aisle. You will want to get photos of the groom and groomsmen waiting, capturing the moment when the groom finally sees the bride! You’ll want to have moments captured throughout the ceremony, including vows and the big “I do” moment.

The ceremony pictures should mostly be candid, as any posing would disrupt the natural flow of the event itself. You can also include photos of family members waiting for the bride.

4.      Reception Pictures

The reception photos are some of the most fun ones that get included in the wedding album. At the reception, everyone gets to relax, eat food, drink, and have some fun, and it shows in the photos.

The reception is a great time to get candid shots. Most importantly at the reception, capture the couple’s first dance, as well as the parent dances.

5.      Photos of the Newlyweds

Getting photos of the entire wedding party is important. These photos can happen before or after the ceremony. Most people choose before, so they can move straight on to the reception after the ceremony.

First, you’ll want to have lots of photos of the newlyweds. Many people have fun with the bride and groom pictures and take a lot of different types. You might pose casually or stage elaborate romantic dips, or things like that.

6.      Photos of the Rest of the Wedding Party and Family

In addition to getting photos of the newlyweds by themselves, there should a plan to capture the entire wedding party. You’ll want to have pictures of the bride surrounded by her bridesmaids and of the groom surrounded by his groomsmen. Then, get a large photo with both sides together.

It’s fun to do a mix of serious photos as well as wacky ones if you’re feeling adventurous. If you have a flower girl or ring bearer in your wedding, you can get photos with them as well. Finally, don’t forget photos with special family like parents and siblings!

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