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10 Amazing Recipes You Can Make In Your Air Fryer!

A few weeks ago, Matt and I FINALLY got an air fryer. We had been wanting one for a while and the price was right, so we went ahead and ordered it. Guess how many times we've used it? ZERO! The thing is still sitting (in the box it came in) on the floor in the dining room.

 The two of us have had such limited time to figure out exactly how to use the air fryer, but I am determined to make this weekend the one where we figure it all out! In fact, I've come across some great recipes that I'm eager to try, and I thought I would share them with you all as well. One of the best places for air fryer recipes is Airfryercooky.com. I went ahead and pinned a whole bunch! This way, whether you are well-versed in the way of the air fryer or more like us, you have a few new (hopefully) recipes you could try!

1. This recipe for  Air Fryer Toasted Coconut French Toast that we found at Strength & Sunshine is both gluten-free and vegan! I love French Toast breakfasts and I cannot wait to try this one. 

2. So, I'm not a big fan of cheese, but the recipe for Air Fryer Mozzarella Balls from Simply Stacie made the list because I know Matt and the girls would enjoy them. Plus, they would make a great treat for any upcoming football or special occasion get-togethers. 

3. Since we're talking about recipes great for get-togethers, I had to include this one for Korean Fried Cauliflower from Carmyy.com. This is a healthy alternative to wings (yay!) and it improves the taste of cauliflower (super yay!), which has to be one of the blandest tasting foods in all of the world. 

4. The girls don't like potatoes and Matt can only eat a few, so that means more for me when we try out this Air Fryer Baked Potato recipe from Courtney's Sweets. Hooray for potatoes!

5. Since we can't have potatoes all of the time, I'm more than happy to try out this recipe for Paleo Parsnip French Fries that we found over at Confessions of an Overworked Mom. I think I've tried parsnips once or twice and I was not a fan, but call something a fry and I'm all about it! 

6. The Typical Mom shared this recipe for Air Fryer Wings and I'm so glad she did. Another great recipe for get-togethers or an easy weeknight dinner. Plus, I always have all of the ingredients for the dry rub in my kitchen!

7. Because the girls probably wouldn't even look at chicken wings, we found this Air Fryer Chicken Tenders recipe at Mommy's Fabulous Finds. The girls (and Matt and I) would definitely eat these. 

8. Just like we can't eat potatoes all the time, we also can't eat chicken all of the time. I love pork recipes and I have a feeling that this Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce recipe from Recipes from a Pantry is going to end up being a family favorite. 

9. Wait...desserts in an air fryer? Yep! This Mini Nutella Apple Pies recipe from We're Parents looks amazing and it made the list partly because of an ongoing joke with my brother-in-law and partly because we'll be going apple picking pretty soon and I need all of the apple recipes I can get. 

10. One more dessert recipe for good measure! These Rainbow Air Fryer Donuts are sure to please any kid (or kid at heart) in your life. Head on over to In the Kids Kitchen for the 5-minute shortcut recipe.

Which of these air fryer recipes will you be trying? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. We had a air fryer but my fiance' wasn't a fan and he gave it away. However the Air Fryer Toasted Coconut French Toast looks delicious!

    1. Oh man! I hope that we like ours as much as I thought we would. That French toast will be the first thing I try.


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