You and Your Toddler Will Sleep Better with Peejamas

Thank you Peejamas for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Potty training. Two words every parent dreads and hopes to get through unscathed. Nighttime is always challenging as it is without involving potty training. Neither you or your toddler want to wake up to wet pants or wet sheets. Luckily for you and your toddler, Peejamas has come up with innovative and effective pajamas to help your toddler sleep with no mess in the morning. 
Peejamas are designed to absorb as much as a regular nighttime diaper with materials that will hold up after 300 washes. Potty training can cost over $2000 in diapers and then puts all those diapers in a landfill somewhere. The materials are certified and gentle on the skin.

Invest in a reusable nighttime diaper that is fashionable in Peejamas. 

I have dreaded potty training after watching my nieces and nephews. I knew it would not be easy. I was excited to try Peejamas. It is true, they last through the night and can absorb quite a bit of pee. Hendrix has never made a mess wearing the Peejamas, eliminating some extra laundry. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can buy the Animal Party print, Arrows, or Classic Stripes for $39.99. Plus, right now, you can get free shipping with the purchase of 2 or more. They range in sizes 2T to 6/7. 

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What potty training tips do you experts have to share for those of us in the trenches? 

Pass along Peejamas to anyone potty training right now; they'll thank you. 


  1. Where was this stuff when my kids were little? and 300 washes? that is amazing! Going to have a new little one in the family very soon, actually 2 new grandkids so glad to be learning about these new products!

    1. I'm even finding new products since my oldest was a baby. Make sure you follow the blog! We have some excellent finds.

  2. I have never heard of these. That is such a clever idea!

    1. Isn't it?! I was so excited to be able to try them.


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