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World Humanitarian Day

August 19th is known as World Humanitarian Day.  This is a day of observation and remembrance for those that have sacrificed and have lost their lives being a humanitarian. This day of remembrance makes me think of heroes and I am asking all of you to remember someone that sacrificed to make the world a better place.

Throughout our lives we look at people like ourselves and wonder what their story is.  What will they accomplish and what are their goals?  There is a humanitarian living in all of us.  It doesn't mean we may sacrifice our lives, but we look to change the world one day at a time.  Our presence and our personal goals will influence someone and that influence will make changes.

You can make a difference...
1. Smile at everyone you meet or encounter
2. Give something without expecting something back
3. Listen to what others are saying without judgment
4. Learn from your mistakes and be grateful for them

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