Why Does My Home Not Feel Finished?

You’ve stripped everything out and deep cleaned, you’ve laid new flooring, decorated the walls and purchased new furniture. While everything might look fresh and beautiful, you can't help looking around and feeling like your home looks unfinished. It’s a common issue, however often all you need is just a few minor tweaks and everything will fall into place. We all want a home that feels cozy and personal to us, so if yours is still a bit of a blank canvas here’s what you need to add to make it feel finished.

A Rug
Never underestimate the power of a rug! Laying down a rug can instantly bring a room together, making it look cosy and finished. Rugs are particularly nice if you have hard flooring such as laminate, solid wood or tiles down but don’t shy away from them if your home has carpet. The key to adding rugs over carpet is to vary the texture, so adding a shaggy or long pile rug to a standard cut or loop pile carpet will work beautifully. As well as bringing in colour, texture or both, rugs can also help to define areas of your room. For example, a rug in front of your sofa with a coffee table on top clearly defines this area. A large rug under your dining table again makes this space feel finished. Other soft furnishings are things like cushions and throws which can make sofas and chairs look more cosy and again add some more colour, pattern or texture.

Good Lighting
Lighting is so often overlooked when it comes to finishing a home, but it’s absolutely crucial to get it right if you want your home to look its best. If your home is a blank canvas, unique lighting options from sites like sunpan.com allow you to bring in some style and personality. Having a couple of different lamps around the room also allows you to tailor the light and adapt it to whatever you’re doing- whether it’s reading, eating, watching tv, crafting or relaxing with the kids. Buy a couple of lamps that work well with your style and theme, a good option is to choose smart bulbs. The light and warmness can both be adjusted from your phone or your voice-activated speaker, and you can create presets to use whenever you’re doing something in particular. For example, when you’re reading in the evening you might want two lamps on, on a fairly warm color setting and medium brightness.

Wall Accessories
Blank walls can look bare and harsh, however, if you’re renting you might not be in a position to paint or put up wallpaper. Plain, neutral walls can make rooms look more spacious to so you might not want to change them, but you don’t need to leave them completely blank. A clock, a mirror or some art dotted around again will bring the room together and make it look far more homely.

Plants bring a nice pop of color to the room without disrupting a neutral color scheme, plus there are loads of varieties to choose from. If you’re not one for having lots of frames, candles, and ornaments around then plants can give you a homely look without being fussy.

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  1. Great tips! We had lived in our home for nearly 17 years and it still feels unfinished.


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