Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Second to Last Weekend of the Summer!

Happy Saturday, friends. We are on our second to last weekend before school starts back up, which means I'll be slightly freaking out making sure that we are ready with the school supplies while still trying to drink in every last moment of summer vacation. Overall, we've had a pretty wonderful summer, but I'm still not ready enough for it to be nearly over. We're going to have to review our summer bucket list and make sure we can cross off just a few more items....

A Few Things Will HAVE to Wait!

So, there are a few things on our list that are pretty unlikely to get done before school starts. Heading to Niagara Falls and visiting the Statue of Liberty seem a little unattainable this close to the start of the school year, at least for me. I'm not one to venture too far from home without another adult around, and since the one adult I prefer to be there the most (Matt, of course) will be at work, trips to New York are currently off the table. There's always next year, or maybe even sometime this fall! 

We Did Get Some Great Things Checked Off!

We were able to do so many fun things this summer. We went geocaching a few times (we still have to hide our own), learned how to blow bubbles with our bubblegum, visited the Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum, and visited a castle (even though it wasn't the one on our bucket list, it was still awesome)!

Our visit to the Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum was so much fun and the girls loved posing with many of the characters, including The Jetsons!

The girls loved checking out Castle Craig and the views were pretty phenomenal!

We also got to hit the beach this summer, with some great friends. Nothing beats the feeling of your feet in the sand, fresh air, and great company!

Well, What's Next?

There are still a few things on our list that we can get done over the next 9 days of vacation. Today will be a little busy for us since we have a birthday party and a potential soccer practice to attend (depending on the weather). but I think we can either hide a geocache or maybe even visit the drive-in later on this afternoon. Whichever one we aren't able to accomplish today, we'll be able to do tomorrow after visiting with Gram. 

During the week, we'll have to fit in a visit to our local aquariums, take a trip to the arcade, go bowling, visit an amusement park, go camping, and maybe throw in one or two more beach days. We'll also have to be sure that we make ourselves available for the ice cream social at R's school (D's is after school starts) and the meet and greet for the new superintendent. 
It's going to be one BUSY week. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 



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