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Our Summer Adventures with Luciana- American Girl's 2018 Doll of the Year #CharacterCounts

It seems like it was just yesterday when I met my very first American Girl Doll. They were fairly new to the market, and my younger sister and I were so eager to each have a doll of our very own. This was well over twenty years ago! I loved my American Girl doll so much, and I still have her. I held onto my doll in hopes that I would one day have a little girl of my own to pass my doll down to.
Flash-forward and here I am, a thirty-something mother of two to an amazing boy, and a sweet girl. My dream absolutely came true!

American Girl: Classic dolls with inspiring stories

Every girl remembers her very first doll!

It's been a joy to see how much American Girl has grown as a brand over the years. These days, their dolls are available not only online and at various retail stores, but in their very own American Girl store in cities around the country. I have been waiting, eagerly anticipating the day my sweet Bean is old enough to take on a very special trip to our Charlotte American Girl store!

Bean is going on three years old, and she absolutely loves dolls, but she was over the moon when I introduced her to American Girl's 2018 Doll of the Year, Luciana Vega. Like all American Girl dolls, Luciana came packaged in a beautiful gift box, with lots of fun accessories, and a book. Bean was immediately taken with Luciana. She squealed with delight as we removed Luciana from her gift box, and she then proceeded to give Luciana a big hug. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Meet Luciana, the 2018 Girl of the Year™! She's an aspiring astronaut ready to take the next giant leap to Mars. The 18" Luciana doll has warm brown eyes that open and close and straight dark-brown hair that has a bright purple streak near her ear. She has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. She comes with the Luciana paperback book, plus her signature outfit:

A cosmic-print dress with attached vibrant red purse belt that she wears to Space Camp
A shiny holographic choker and special red star charm necklace she received as a baby
A pair of holographic lace-up boots
AG™ doll

New adventures every day with Luciana!

Luciana and Bean love to play and learn together!

Bean brings Luciana along everywhere we go- whether it's a trip to our local library, a lunch date, car rides to and from school, or just paling around at home. These two read together, enjoy snacks and meals together, nap together, and cuddle at bedtime together. They are two peas! When Bean first met Luciana, she said her name a thousand times. She utters the phrase, 'Come on, Luciana' many times a day.

I love watching my sweet girl interact with Luciana, and we've been having so much fun reading through Luciana's stories together. We have talked a lot about space, which is already one of Bean's interests. She loves to look at the stars in the night sky, and is always quick to point out the sun and moon with Luciana by her side. 

Bean and Luciana love to color and draw together!

These two sure know how to have fun at home. They love to look through Bean's telescope!

I think it's so cool that Bean has taken to Luciana so well, and so quickly. She treats her like a best friend and loves to spend time with her. Luciana's stories and accessories are so incredible and help bring Luciana to life. American Girl has such a beautiful selection of accessories that are made to go along each and every doll, as well as a series of books which tell the character's story, helping your child further connect with their newest friend!

Add Accessories to bring your American Girl Doll to life!

Just a peek at some of the available books and accessories for Luciana.

After my sister and I received our American Girl dolls, one of the most exciting things for us was to read through their corresponding books, and collect/play with the doll's accessories! All of the AG doll characters have their own stories told through individual books, and have individual accessories, as well as accessory collections, which are sold separately from the dolls. You can build on your American Girl doll's wardrobe, add fun pets and more!

Luciana has a lot of really cute outfits and fun accessories! We were able to explore some of her accessory options, and have been having so much fun with them! Since Bean is so little, I introduced a new box of accessories for Luciana every other day for a week. With each and every box, Bean met me with a big smile, eager to see what was waiting inside!

Bean couldn't wait to dress Luciana in her cool Stellar Outfit!

This outfit set is so adorable! It comes packaged in a cute little gift box, complete with tissue paper! This is one of Luciana's space camp outfits, and it's so cool and colorful! It includes a jacket, a sleeveless top, shorts, and way cool sneakers!

Bean loves to change Luciana's outfits, and brush her hair. She does need assistance when it comes to changing Luciana's clothing and adding on the accessories, but for the most part, it's pretty easy for Bean to dress Luciana herself without much help. Momma steps in and helps when it's time to put on shoes, etc.

Luciana's accessories- perfect for space camp adventures!

We love Luciana's accessories! This collection includes a backpack, astronaut ice cream, star chart, pretend smartwatch, space camp log book and graduation from space camp certificate. Bean loves to fill Luciana's backpack with all of these fun accessories, and send her off to 'space school' each morning as we're getting big brother ready for school, too. It's so sweet to watch unfold each morning!

Bean helps Luciana discover how tasty dehydrated space ice cream can be!

I cannot help but smile when I see Bean playing with Luciana. It makes my heart so happy! She loves her special doll so much, and I have been enjoying watching her play and learn with and from that incredibly beautiful doll.

Another very cool collection of accessories for Luciana- Luciana's Visitor Center Accessories!

This fun collection of accessories includes a gift shop bag, brochure/map, bookmark, NASA t-shirt, astronaut figurine, book, and passport.

All of these wonderful accessories just add layers and layers of learning fun for my sweet girl. I love playing 'space shop' with her and Luciana!

There are a lot of other wonderful accessories for Luciana! I can't wait to surprise Bean with a few other accessories and outfits for her sweet doll, like Luciana's robotic dog, Luciana's Pajamas, and Luciana's Stary Night Outfit.

And no American Girl experience is complete without the corresponding American Girl books! I still have those very first books that came along with my American Girl doll, so I know what a keepsake and treasure the books and dolls become to young girls. Look for all of Luciana's books and accessories at American Girl!

Want to bring Luciana home?

Head on over to American Girl to learn more about Luciana, American Girl's 2018 Doll of the Year! Luciana is such a wonderful addition to our little family. I can't wait to share more adventures of Bean and Luciana with you!

Go beyond the stars with Luciana!
Some American Girl items contain interactive content that unlocks with the American Girl app.

American Girl has a wonderful selection of beautiful, fun dolls, books, and accessories. Even my 7-year-old son has asked if American Girl makes boy dolls, and I was so happy to find that the answer to his question was YES! Someone might just be getting his own American Girl doll for Christmas this year!

There are also lots of other dolls available- You can customize your own doll, or shop other doll collections such as Wellie Wishers, Truly You, Bitty Baby, etc! Look for an American Girl store near you to shop in-store!

I'm sure this goes without saying, but American Girl dolls, books and accessories make amazing and memorable gifts. I am still holding onto memories of my grandmother giving me my very own American Girl doll.

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Special thanks to American Girl for allowing me to share about their beautiful Luciana doll!

Do you or your children have American Girl dolls? Let's chat about American girl! Join the conversation in the comment thread on this post or over on MBP social media!

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