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Music and Child Development

Music and the brain - The beat of the music affects the brain wave causing the heartbeat and breath to resonate with the music. This means humans are connected with the rhythm of the music. Compared to other activities, listening to music uses multiple parts of the brain. Singing or playing an instrument is like a workout for the brain.  This enhances the brain allowing to solve problems more effectively and creatively in both social and academic environments.

How is music related to Child Development?
Learning to play or sing music at an early age helps with the better development of the brain. Toddler music has easy lyrics, catchy melody making them sing and dance. This sparks a lifelong appreciation of music.
Scientist say music can bring parents and children together improving their interpersonal relationships. A research from the University of Arizona says parents should listen to the same music as kids. Silly child songs can sometimes pain your ears but it could mean a whole lot of love for better stuff down the line.
What is the best way to help my child with music?
Learning music takes times, energy, and sometimes neighbor complaining about loudness. Singing at Karaoke is an affordable idea, avoiding any loudness issues. Karaoke is singing a famous song on the microphone with backing tracks. Singing at karaoke can be a positive activity for both parents and the child.

Due to ease of entertainment offered by Karaoke machine, there is a big market out there. Some machines may be overpriced and not be used at homes, while some are cheap but do not work for a month. We will be going through the top 3 Karaoke machine for homes based on features, build quality and price.

1. Karaoke USA GF839
We will start the list with a Karaoke Machine has to offer lots of features at an affordable expense. You will be pleasantly surprised at the sound quality of this system.
⦁    7-inch digital color screen to easily read lyrics
⦁     Record voice or the mix with just a touch
⦁    300 songs such as nursery rhymes and holiday music
⦁    Connect with YouTube, Spotify or music streaming service with iPhone, iPad
⦁    Can play DVD, CDG, and MP3G
⦁    2 microphones and 2 earphone output so that both parent and child can enjoy simultaneously
⦁    USB and SD card port
Built design - It is a small portable machine with a slick black look. Inbuilt screen, amplifier, and CD driver make it versatile.  Some users found a problem with the CD drives and no Bluetooth feature.
Price - Surprisingly you can buy all these features for only $150.
2. Singing Machine iSM1030BT
Another Karaoke Machine with a lot more features compared to other simple machines. This is an expensive model to fully enjoy the Karaoke experience.
⦁    Includes 2 tower speakers for better music
⦁    7-inch display for the lyrics
⦁    Can be connected with Bluetooth, iOS and Android devices
⦁    2 microphones
⦁    Lot of inbuilt effects like reverb, echo, delay and voice morph
⦁    Audio recording to a USB device
⦁    Plays CDs, and CD+Gs
⦁    Can connect to a TV for scrolling lyrics
Built Design - It is a pedestal Karaoke machine. You will have to stand near the machine to read lyrics or you can connect it with a TV. The length of the microphones is exceptionally long. Wireless mics can be connected through Bluetooth.
Price - The singing Machine cost around $300. Based on the features and durability of a product it is a considerable expanse.
3. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)
Last, on the list is a conventional Karaoke machine. This machine is a simple portable Bluetooth speaker with a microphone.
⦁    50-hour battery life allows you to take in out on any trip
⦁    Can connect guitar through aux cable.
⦁    Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones
⦁    Can charge smartphones, tablets or other devices by a USB power bank.
⦁    Easy to transport (16lbs) with wheels and handle
⦁    Powerful speakers
Built Design - These are strong and durable, making it a perfect outdoor Karaoke machine. Looks exactly like an electric guitar amplifier.
Price - You can get this machine for $120. This is perfect for parents that are musicians too.
Which machine to choose?

This list gives you an idea for the wide range of features available. Check out a lot more Karaoke machines for home and find a machine you can afford. We hope you and your child has a great time at the Karaoke machine.

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