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Life Lessons- What our Parents Taught Us

I am fortunate to have an amazing relationship with my siblings.  With four girls I know my parents had it rough and we weren't always as close.  There are little things my parents used to tell us when we were little that still resonate with me today.

"When your dad and I are gone you will only have each other so it is smart to be each other's best friends," Mom. Thankfully, we have both of our parents still with us, but our friendships with each other are strong.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for my sisters and nothing they wouldn't do for me.

You should always tell the truth because the truth will set you free. When Chris lost his job five years ago it was because of a lie.  The lie festered and became so much more than a lie but changed our lives so completely.  Throughout the whole process Chris kept being the honest person he is and his honesty has established that he was wronged when he lost his job and steps are in place to reinstate his position.  I remember telling my dad during a particularly hard time that if he told me the truth would set you free and it didn't I would be lost.  "The truth remains the same no matter how you say it" he said.  He was right even all these years later.

While some areas in my life have been difficult and stressful, I could not have gotten through them without the lessons my parents taught me.   

What sentiments did your parents pass on to you?

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