Life Lessons Found in Nature- Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday evening, the girls and I came home to see that the neighbor was waiting at the fence for me. I walked over and she pointed out that there was a HUGE hornet/wasp nest in the tree in our front yard. I hadn't noticed it, so I'm not sure when it got there, but I knew we had to handle it before we had a big problem.

Between Sunday evening and Tuesday evening, the nest was down and seemingly abandoned. Matt inspected it and brought the girls over to check it out when he was convinced it was safe. I was making dinner, so I sent my phone out with D for pictures. Both girls were absolutely fascinated, but R was pretty nervous so she didn't stick around to check it out for too long. 

I am AMAZED by this build. Not only is it so intricate, but it was (seemingly) a quick build, which makes it even more impressive. All I can think of is how well these little critters worked together to get the job they needed to be done, done.  

So, the nature provided life lesson here is: Great progress is made when people (or insects) work together! 

Enjoy your day! 

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