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I Love My Ipsy Bag! (And You Will Too!)

Subscription boxes are The Thing right now. It seems like there is a subscription box for everything -  books, tea, treats for your dog, I even found a fishing subscription box when looking for gifts for my grandfather. At Christmas last year, I couldn't think of a single thing to buy for my mother. My aunt suggested getting her a subscription to Ipsy, a personalized makeup bag that you receive every month. I had literally no other ideas so I took the plunge. For $10 a bag and no commitments, what did I have to lose? How's this for a quick spoiler alert: She LOVED her monthly Glam Bags so much, she returned the favor and got me my very own subscription for my birthday!

Here's why I love my Ipsy Glam Bags:

1. They're customizable

When you start your subscription, your first step is to take Ipsy's beauty quiz. Here, you tell Ipsy what color your eyes, hair, and skin tone are, and what products you are comfortable using, what you would like to receive more or less of, what brands you love or would love to try out, etc. My favorite part is that you can edit these preferences at any time.

2. You get a cute bag

Each month you receive 5 new products, all in a cute cosmetic bag! They are perfect for storing beauty items and even for re-gifting! Their makeup bags are unique each month and they are great quality.

3. You can review your products

Once you receive your Glam Bag, you can log onto the website or download the app and review the products Ipsy chose for you. Your reviews this month will help further customize next month's choices. This is definitely a subscription box that you get out what you put in.

4. You can compare and contrast with a friend

Since my mom also has an Ipsy subscription, we wind up on video chat comparing our monthly gifts. We've never gotten the exact same products and oftentimes, we swap each other and I get to try the products she received as well!

5. You can buy more!

If you like what you've been sent, you can buy full-size items directly from Ipsy in the Shopper tab of their website! You can earn 10-30% cash back on all products and cash out on the 10th of each month. You're also privy to deals and offers from leading cosmetic brands just for being an Ipsy member. 

This is such a fun goody to buy for yourself and it's even more fun to give it as a gift! For only $10 per month, you get 5 awesome new products to try from top cosmetic brands, most of which are full-sized products, not just a small trial size. In addition to your personalized picks each month, you receive access to articles and videos with fun tutorials and how-to's. I look forward to my sparkly pink package every month! I know this is going to be a gifting tradition my mom and I continue on with for a long time!

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