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Get the Kids in Shape to Head Back to School with Educational Toys from EduShape #MBPBacktoSchool18

Thanks to EduShape for providing me with a sample. All thoughts are my own.

School is back in session for one of my kiddos, and the other starts right after Labor Day. We're getting into the swing of the new school year with B, and doing lots of fun learning activities at home to help get Bean ready to head back to Day School in just a couple of weeks. When B was a small toddler, I had the joy of being able to stay at home with him and teach him at my own pace. We worked hard, which has paid off in equipping him for school. Our goal is the same with Bean, we want her to be ready to conquer challenges that pop up when she's at school, so we make sure we have fun educational toys at home that will aid her development.

EduShape Makes Learning at Home Fun & Easy!

Magic Brix bring endless hours of fun for kids of all ages.

I am a long-time fan of EduShape. EDUSHAPE has been delighting families with their educational toys for children for more than 30 years. EDUSHAPE® Ltd. is family owned & operated providing product to the global educational, toy and specialty markets. Established in 1983, their main focus is to manufacture quality children’s toy & products. EDUSHAPE® Ltd. is committed to producing soft, safe, quality children’s toys which ultimately promote successful developmental learning through play. Their main focus is for children ages Birth to 5 years old.

Magic Brix present a colorful world of endless options for creativity!

STEM learning activities foster logic, problem-solving, and experimentation. Magic Brix
support fine motor skills, creativity and open-ended play, socialization, logic, and reasoning, and hand-eye coordination. The bright colors will also stimulate your little one's mind. Children as young as preschool age can enjoy open-ended play with Magic Brix. It comes with enough pieces to build cars, houses, robots, and more.

Big kids love Magic Brix!

We've played with similar building sets in the past, and have found that they seem to fall apart easily, leaving kids frustrated. These brix stick together very well and are easy for little hands to hold and pull apart. There are tons of different shapes and sizes in this collection. Many of the brix connect with hinges, and some also have wheels, allowing builders to make everything from cars and robots to windmills and houses. There's also an idea guide that comes with the set, giving parents and kiddos cool ideas for building projects.

B took to the Magic Brix set right away. I thought Bean would be the one to really delve into the set and get building, but B was really excited to let his imagination do the talking and start putting pieces together to build unique objects. He wound up building a race car the first time he played with this set, and then kept adding new pieces to it through the weekend. His dad and I were so proud to see him thinking through the pieces he wanted to use to make his concept work.

Little ones love to get creative, too!

Bean is just two years old, but she surprises me as much as her brother does with the things she grasps at such a young age. She grabbed the base piece, and immediately put together a table, and used the hinged pieces as chairs. Next, she had a lot of fun just placing different pieces on the base, pointing out colors and shapes. It's a fantastic learning tool, and can be used many different ways.

The Magic Brix in Motion set has 56 pieces, which are easy for kids to press together and take apart. It's geared toward ages 3+. My 29 month-old loves them, and so does my almost 8-year-old, so this is a great educational set that can be shared between siblings. This particular set is only $19.99, and can be used with other Magic Brix sets if you want to add onto it.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to EDUSHAPE to learn more about their awesome educational products. Connect with EDUSHAPE on Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to EDUSHAPE for allowing us to have some fun with these wonderful Magic Brix! Be sure to look for them in our 2018 Back to School Guide.

What would you and your littles build with the Magic Brix?

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