Final Reveal Of My Son's #dreambathroom Is Here!

Before anyone gets their briefs in a bind, I was TOTALLY going to listen to all of you who gave me a majority consensus of teal walls. I was on board. Teal was my secret favorite as well, but I wanted to give orange a fair shake. So where did gray come from?

Both of my boys (the sole users of this bathroom) told me they would be happy with teal walls, but they really liked dark gray better. They liked the idea of splashes of color elsewhere such as the shower curtain, artwork and towels etc. By the way, the pictures below do not depict the new towels I want or any kind of decor yet. I suppose it is still a bit incomplete, but it's ready to show all of you!

Just a quick reminder of what this bathroom looked like before:

I would say that I'm sorry for the poor photo quality, but truth be told, even my expensive professional camera would not be able to make this bathroom look nice. 

Take your pick at all the ways this bathroom is impractical for two small brothers. It's been on my mind for a few years to give it a facelift and it feels SO good to have it finished!

Without further ado...

Here it is! Isn't it pretty? I'm just a little obsessed with how beautiful everything turned out. I had a vision in my head and to see it in person is super gratifying. The double sink vanity was a spectacular find from Facebook Marketplace. The mirrors came from the same man who sold us the vanity. We were able to get these items at a steal!

This is the brand new shower and fixtures. There are plenty of shelves on both corners of the shower and this is a deeper tub than average. 

My boys chose a tie dye shower curtain and I have to say, I was pretty excited by their choice! This bathroom is pretty small and required a petite toilet. After 2 damaged toilet shipments, we finally received one in tact!

We used the same tile in this bathroom as in our master bathroom renovation. I liked it enough to use it in both places. It really works, don't you think? The gray against the white is a really pretty contrast too. I just love how it all came together! 

My boys are incredibly excited to have their very "own" sink, complete with their own hand soap, towel and cabinet below. 

Let me know if you like it in the comments section below! I'm happy to say, we are finally finished with bathroom renovations (for now!) and so look forward to having our house back to it's usual state!



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