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Chopper & Otis and Beco Toys...Your Dog's Best Friends! #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Chopper and Otis for providing me with product in exchange for review. All thoughts are my own.

You guys know how much I love my little dog, Bolt.  He has been featured in many reviews that I have done because I love dog products and always jump on the chance for him to try out new products.  And he is just a little spoiled, too.  He expects something new every time I come in from somewhere.  I received his package from Chopper and Otis and told him it was for him and he was so excited.  His little tail was about to wag off and he was jumping around.  I had to go ahead and get it open and show him what was inside. 

We found two fun dog toys and a really nice shirt for Aiden.  I couldn't get the tags off the toys fast enough for Bolt.  We got Lucy the Parrot and a 3-Play Turtle Mini.  Bolt loved them both and kept going back and forth to play with them.  I love that the little turtle has a spot to hide a treat.  Bolt does not like it when we leave in the mornings, so I can pop a little treat into Mr. Turtle and that will keep him busy while we get out the door.   

Can't wait to see what awaits in this fun box. 

Give it to me Mommy!

Mr. Turtle

His hide a treat spot.

Lucy the Parrot

He loves Lucy!

Working to get his treat from Mr. Turtle.

I love that both of these cute toys are made from recycled materials.  Lucy the Parrot is made from plastic bottles.  She has a squeaker inside.  She is soft and cuddly while also being durable, rough and tough.  Mr. Turtle is made from high durability post consumer recycled material.  He is tough and non-toxic with a squeaky head, treat hiding tummy and he floats in the water.  Bolt will enjoy lots of play time with these new friends that will last!

Very nice t-shirt for Aiden.

Love this!

See the cute little doggy face?

Aiden received a very nice Show Your Inner Self t-shirt.  This boy is so, so picky about his clothes and will only wear dri-fit material that I was worried he wouldn't like this shirt.  He immediately loved it because it is so soft...even though it is not dri-fit.  I had him put it on so I could take a couple pictures and he is now on day 2 of wearing it!  I may have to peel it off his stinky little body.  I love the saying on this shirt.  It is also Fair Trade Certified and it helps support better working conditions for the cotton farmers and factory workers who made it.  That's always a plus!

Welcome to Chopper & Otis! We’re two Boston Terrier bros busy living our best lives in Pittsburgh. We’re outdoorsy dudes—going on boat rides, playing in the creek, hiking the trails. We want to preserve nature for all of our two-legged and four-legged friends to enjoy for generations to come. Visit our shop for eco-friendly, ethically made toys that have been personally tested by Chopper and Otis. We also carry clever and cute t-shirts made from organic cotton for pet parents and dog lovers.

Want it?  Get it!

Head on over to the Chopper and Otis website to learn more about these sweet pups and stock up on some fun things for your favorite four legged friends.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to my friends at Chopper and Otis and Beco Toys for allowing me to share these wonderful products with my family.  It has been a pleasure to learn more about your company and products. 

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