Busy Moms: Here's How You Can Make Life a Little Easier!

Being a mom is busy work. Not only are we looking after our kids, but we’re also looking after ourselves, pets, often our partners and running a household too. Without some good systems in place things can easily get chaotic and overwhelming, so here are three ways you can make life a little easier for yourself!

Find the right look

As a busy mom, looking stylish every day is probably an unrealistic goal. You’re awake early and don’t get to bed until late. You’re running around after kids, cleaning the house, doing errands and much more- chances are you’re constantly on the go. For this reason, you need a low maintenance look that’s going to work for you. The trick when it comes to clothing is to choose things that are practical and allow you to feel comfortable, but won’t make you feel embarrassed if you run into someone you know. Instead of sloppy loungewear, for example, a pair of black leggings, a simple jersey dress, a cardigan and some ballet pumps will be just as comfortable but look put together. If you find that your feet ache after being stood all day, orthotic insoles like https://biopods.com/ can be slipped right inside your shoes to give you extra support and cushioning. Master a two-minute makeup routine, often a little foundation, a sweep of blush or bronzer and mascara can even out your skin and make you look much more awake! And go with a low maintenance style for your hair, if you choose a cut and color that works with your natural hair texture and natural colorings then you won’t need to visit the hairdresser every six weeks and can style it easily each morning in just a minute or two. This could be a swipe over with the straighteners around the front of your face if your hair is already straight or scrunching in some mousse to define natural curls or waves.

Get your home organized

Your home doesn’t have to look like a show home, after all, it’s a place where people live and little ones especially can be messy and ensure that your house never looks tidy for too long! However, one thing you can do is make sure things are generally organized. This means regularly decluttering and finding good storage solutions. Creating a place for everything in your home so that things can easily be put away. That way, when a mess is created (which is always going to happen) tidying it away afterward is a breeze.

Make lists

With so many things to do each day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. From playdates to dentist and doctors appointments, bills to pay and much more, when you’re the one looking after a family there’s a lot to remember. Instead of trying to keep things in your head (you’re bound to forget something eventually) get into the habit of making lists. Lots of stationery companies sell daily to-do list notepads or you could use an app on your phone. Make daily, weekly and even monthly lists and tick things off as you go. Get used to using this system and you’ll find your far more organized.

What are some of the things that you do to make your life a bit more organized?

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