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Old McDonald had a farm... and brought it to my house! I am all too familiar with the sights and sounds of farm life. My mom's parents had a 100-acre farm in Missouri, and I have lots of wonderful memories of time spent on their big farm as a child. Fast-forward to adulthood, I have a seven and two-year-old, and they both love animals! Unfortunately, allergies keep us from being able to have pets, but we love to bring in lots of animals through toys and imaginative activities!

The Fun of the farm without the mess!

Isn't it nice to know that you can have the fun of the farm at home without the smell or mess? We're big fans of fun learning toys, and my sweet little Bean loves animals. Combine the two, and you have lots of wonderful options to help your kiddos learn all about farm animals right at home!

A fun and educational gift for little hands!

My little learner loves animals, and she has really gotten into building lately. We love this toy from one of our favorite educational toy brands- Learning Resources! With 17 pieces of fun, littles can stack, remove, build again, spin and turn all of the gear pieces. This is perfect for individual play or for sharing. Bean and I have made up a game where we turn the animal gears round and round, and then sing songs like Old MacDonald, etc. She absolutely loves making the animal sounds and watching these little toy animals spin around.

A trip to the barnyard is just a few spins away with the Build & Spin: Farm Friends from Learning Resources. This portable playset’s sturdy base comes with spaces for eight chunky gears complete with friendly, farm-themed toppers: a smiling pig, prancing horse, newborn chick, spotted cow, toothy rabbit, bearded goat, jumping sheep, and big red barn. Each kid-sized piece snaps securely into place, allowing kids to work on their fine motor skills as they construct and deconstruct their mix-and-match playset. When they’re not imagining themselves down on the farm, learning new vocabulary words, or building up the muscles needed for fine motor control, kids can pass countless minutes twisting and turning Build & Spin: Farm Friends’ colorful gears, which provide an exciting hands-on lesson in the concept of cause and effect. Unlike the actual barnyard, this playset is also easy to clean and take on the go. 

Age range: 2+ years
MSRP: $19.99
Available Online:

A Petting Zoo in Your Home!

Littles can discover shapes, sizes, and textures through this adorable game!

With a ton of board games with tiny pieces at our house, it's been hard to find games that are age appropriate for Bean. She wants to play with all of her older brother's games, but she's just not quite old enough to grasp the game concepts or not to throw the small pieces all over the room when we play- resulting in lost pieces and an upset big bro.

This is an adorable 'first game' for toddlers. It comes in a cute little barnyard (petting zoo), with a textured spinner and textured animals. It's the perfect game for parent and child, and helps kiddos learn how to take turns, share, and works with them on developing other important skills!

Get ready for some family fun on the farm with a touch and feel matching game made just for toddlers!
Product Features: 
  • The game includes Petting Zoo, 6 textured animals, and textured spinner.
  • For 2 players

Age range: 2-4 Years
MSRP: $21.99

A World of Classic Learning Fun from HABA

HABA's creative toys are perfect for little learners!

When my son B was just two or three, we started exploring educational toys by HABA, and fell head over heels in love with their brand. If you've ever bought a HABA toy, you probably feel the same way. My hubby and I love HABA because their toys are simple, and remind us of a simpler time!
No batteries or bells and whistles, just clean, classic fun for kids.

A sweet farm animals book, perfect for your littlest loves!

I have a very new nephew- he's just a couple of months old, and I cannot wait to spoil him rotten. I am already looking forward to his first Christmas, and can't wait to give him a few special little gifts. I previewed HABA's Farm Friends Baby Book, and love the big, bright, colorful wooden 'pages' of the book. There are just a few pages which are sturdy, making it easy for even the tiniest hands to grasp and hold or turn. R is going to love this sweet little book!

This book brings the smallest ones right to the farm! The colorful, layered wooden pages are threaded on a sturdy cord and are easily grasped and flipped over. Made of plywood.
Age Range: 10 Months+
MSRP: $10.49
Available Online:

Magnetic Fun in one easy to store tin!

Do your kids love to play with magnets? Both of mine do! When B was younger, we were gifted a magnetic play set from HABA with planes, trains, and automobiles, and he loved it so much! We wound up bringing it along almost everywhere we went for a long time. It was the perfect travel toy!

This adorable Farm Magnetic Game/Set from HABA is so sweet and fun!
It comes with two double-sided scenes that kids can use to create farm fun, right within the magnetic tin and lid! It also comes with five sheets of corresponding magnetic pieces for endless playtime fun! This set is an adorable gift for toddlers! Perfect for birthdays, grandparent surprises, or travel toys!

Little farmers will get a kick out of this farm animal-themed magnetic arranging game! Features a variety of background scenes and a plethora of farm inhabitants, animals and plants allowing them to to create and re-create life on the farm. Inspires creativity and imagination. Durable metal tin box makes this perfect for both home and travel fun! Contents: 1 box, 4 background scenes, 122 magnetic puzzle pieces. Material: metal, magnetic foil. Dimensions: box 8.5" x 8.5"
Age Range: 3 Years+
MSRP: $14.99
Available Online:

Older kids and grown-ups can get in on the farm fun, too!

Plus-Plus Building Sets are tons of fun!

I know I shared Plus-Plus sets with you the other day as a suggestion for birthday gifts, and here they are again! Plus-Plus has so many different sets to choose from, including lots of fun animal sets, like a horse and mallard duck! So cute, right? These little tubes contain all of the tiny building pieces and instructions needed to create the animal displayed on the tube. Once you're done building your animal, display your masterpiece, or take them apart and combine with other Plus-Plus sets for endless fun! I can't wait to get my hands on some of the dinos for stocking stuffers this holiday season! Too perfect for my 7-year-old and his dad!

These 70-piece travel-friendly tubes are a screen-free boredom buster for the whole family. With two types of tubes, the possibilities are endless! The Mini Maker Tube comes with instructions on how to create a fun and unique 2D or 3D build! Or, let their imaginations run wild as they come up with their own creations.

Age Range: 5 years+
MSRP: $6.99-$7.99
Open Play Tubes: Basic, Pastel, Neon, Camo, Patriotic, Grayscale, Water and Earth
Mini Maker Tubes: Sloth, Llama, Yeti, Duck, Cow, Pig, Horse, Bald Eagle, Black Bear, Gray Wolf, Red Fox, Tiger, Elephant, Unicorn, Giraffe, Zebra, Dolphin, Clownfish, Sea Turtle, Jellyfish, Superhero, Mermaid, Knight, Robot, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon
Available Online:

Want them? Get them!

You can shop for all of these featured products through the links above.
These are wonderful toys for the home, and for the classroom, too! If your child's classroom accepts new toy donations for added learning fun, any of these would be an amazing gift for your child's teacher!

Thanks to these wonderful brands for allowing me to share about their fun educational farm toys! Look for them in our 2018 Back to School Guide!

Which of these fun farm toys would your kids love to play with?

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