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Back to School with Stuck On You (Personalized Backpacks & More!) #MBPBacktoSchool18

Thanks to Stuck On You for providing me with a sample in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

How many of you have kiddos going back to school? My oldest started back a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday, I took our youngest to school to meet her teachers and become familiar with her new classroom. Bean is two years old, and she is so excited to go back to school. She truly missed the routine of going to school twice a week, all summer long, and cried for her school every time we drove past it!

School for Bean starts the day after Labor Day, so we're doing all of the last minute things to get ready. We have a few school supplies left to pick up, but all of the main items needed are covered. We have new shoes, clothes, and of course- a brand new backpack, complete with a unicorn!

We found that we needed a larger kids backpack for Bean this year... one that a folder could easily fit into for transferring papers between school and home. Last year, we had a fabulous experience with Stuck On You, which gave Bean her very first (and incredibly adorable, I might add) backpack. As we thought about sizing up in a new backpack, Stuck On You first came to mind.

Stuck On You not only has cute and fun backpacks of various sizes for kids, they specialize in all kinds of personalized products for kids, such as labels, stickers, bags & accessories, lunch boxes, stationery, clothing, baby gifts, and more!

A personalized backpack for your little (or big) all-star student!

Stuck On You's adorable Top Loading Book Bag was a great choice for our sweet little student!

We graduated from the Mini Book Bag to the Top Loading Book Bag this year. Bean really doesn't need a large book bag, but she does need room to fit a standard pocket folder, change of clothes, show and tell items, etc. This backpack is a wee bit big on Bean, but as she grows through the year, I think it'll wind up being a perfect fit for her.

We chose the pink colored backpack, and this also comes in blue, if you prefer. The backpack features a drawstring closure, so it's easy for little ones to open and close. It also has a fold over flap in the front. There's plenty of room inside for books, folders, and more. It also features a front pocket with space to add a name and icon of choice.

Personalize your child's backpack for a look as unique as their personality!

It's so easy to personalize a backpack for your child. Select the color, and then use the handy tools on the Stuck On You website to personalize the product for your child. You can add their name, choose the font and text color, as well as add a special icon! We chose the unicorn (and Bean did help me decide on the icon.).

Confident & Cute... so ready to take on the new school year!

Bean wants to take her new backpack everywhere!

One of the best things about Stuck On You bags is that they're durable and versatile! We're still using last year's Stuck On You Mini Backpack for other things, like sleepovers, etc! It's a great little bag for day trips, too.

I also have some iron-on labels left over from last year, so I am using those on Bean's items this year, too! They really make it so much easier on teachers. Little ones do tend to mix up shoes, as well as other items that belong to other kids, so it's always a good idea to label items that make their way into the classroom. I like to label bags, outerwear, and shoes.

We're so thrilled to start the school year off on the right foot with awesome essentials from amazing brands like Stuck On You! If you haven't had the chance to check them out, I hope you'll take a few minutes to do so! Right now, they are offering FREE SHIPPING Store-Wide!

Want one? Get one!

Head on over to Stuck On You to learn more about their wonderful company and to browse their adorable back to school products! Connect with Stuck On You via FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Stuck On You for allowing me to share about their cute backpacks! Look for them in our 2018 Back to School Guide!

What are your favorite school supplies or back to school items to shop for? Let's chat about it in the comments or over on MBP social media!

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