Add Some Fizz And Sparkle To Your Boring Water With SodaStream #MBPHGG18

Thanks to SodaStream for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

Chances are you have seen the SodaStream carbonated beverage maker while traveling around on the internet the last few years. I have been seeing this nifty gadget left and right and was beginning to become super curious as to whether or not it actually WORKS. My husband and I love carbonated beverages but hate the sugar content and calories. Instead of completely swearing off sodas for life, I gave the SodaStream a try!

This is the kit that SodaStream sent to me! This electric kit costs $129.99. It could not possibly be any easier to use. You fill up the water bottle to the line, pop the co2 can into the back of the tank and push a button on the top depending on what level of fizz you want! It injects carbonation into the water and stops automatically when it is finished. You then add flavor to the water bottle and pour your refreshing drink over ice!

Typical sodas contain over 30 grams of sugar per serving and I think it's safe to say that everyone knows these drinks are not good for our health if regularly consumed. If you enjoy a carbonated beverage like I do, give the SodaStream a try!

The combinations for delicious beverages are endless. You can make carbonated fruit drinks, cola, ginger ale, lemonade, pina colada and the list goes on. They also offer a variety of diet drink options too. 

A typical flavor bottle costs $5.99 and produces 36 servings (9 liter)! If you are a regular purchaser of canned soft drinks, this is going to save you so much money in the long run. The lemon lime option only has 11 grams of sugar per serving. This is less sugar than most children's drinks on the shelf today.

You can get your creative juices flowing, so to speak, and surprise your family and guests with exciting beverages they haven't tried before. 

I'm looking forward to my kids trying the Welch's grape flavor! 

"Planet earth needs less waste: One SodaStream bottle can help the average family reduce more than 3,700 bottles and cans from our planet!" - SodaStream Website

Check out the SodaStream and get to making your own fizz magic! Stay up to date on all the latest by following SodaStream on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Thanks again to SodaStream for sending me their product! I have enjoyed creating fizzy drinks my entire family can enjoy!


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