Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Wishing Time Would Slow Down a Bit

Happy Saturday, friends! I feel like we were just celebrating the 4th and now here we are on the second to last weekend of the month. This summer is just zooming by and I wish it would just slow down a bit, but sadly that's not how it works. 

Overall, our summer vacation has been pretty great. The girls are enjoying staying up a little later and having slumber parties in the living room almost every night, I've been stepping outside of my comfort zone so we've been able to visit a few new places, and we've been able to just enjoy hanging out with one another (most of the time). 

Just 2 Sisters Checking Out the Falls

I have been loving all of the memories we are making and I'm not ready to be this far into the summer because that means we are close to wrapping it up. I know we won't have to stop making memories, but the relaxing pace of the summer will be gone and the "will we have time for this" schedule will be back in effect. 

This weekend, we don't have plans, but we have some fun ideas. As soon as I finish my coffee, we're getting in the car and just going. We'll stop where we stop, we'll bask in the sun, and we'll enjoy our time together. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend! 

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