The Most Important Things to Learn Before Becoming a Mommy

Being a mom is the happiest, most joyful, heart-opening, messy, frustrating experience you’ll ever have in your life. Unlike other professions, you receive no real training or guidance for this huge job you’re about to take on. You’ll never be fully prepared on what to expect or what pitfalls you might try to avoid. You’ll have friends and family to help you along, but each experience is different.

You can probably find the answers to many of your questions all over the internet, like at The Mommy's Coach, but there are so many different opinions on how you should raise your child that you might be overwhelmed at a time when there is already so much to think about. Most of the time, it’s best to trust your instincts.

There are a few things that every mom could learn from though, some of which we’ll list below. If you’re looking for words of advice, look to these tips:

Get Comfortable

Invest in a glider chair or something equally as comfortable. Comfort is the most important thing you should strive for during the days and weeks after childbirth. Your body needs to recover from sleep deprivation and the stress of giving birth. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to breastfeed or otherwise tend to your newborn. Without a comfortable spot for you to relax, you’ll suffer aches and pains and even emotional stress.

Prepare for Friendships to Change

Like many other big life changes, having a child will change your relationship with many of your friends. When you become a mom, some of your friends will become closer and fall in love with your little angel. Other friends may understand what it’s like to have kids and have no idea how to relate with children. It can be jarring to suddenly hear less from friends that you use to be close to, but the great amounts of love you’ll receive from true friends and family will outweigh that sense of hurt that you may feel from the loss of a friend. Embrace new friendships forged, and let the old ones go.

Babies Can Make People Do Crazy Things

You may be taking classes in breastfeeding, baby CPR, and other subjects to prepare you for the unexpectedness of parenting: but none of these classes will prepare you for the actions of other people. Some people will offer up unsolicited parenting advice. This advice will either sound like the person is criticizing your parenting, or it will be completely irrelevant. Others will ask probing questions that you may find to be rude or inappropriate. Some strangers will even ask to hold your child. Sometimes they won’t even ask; just hold out their arms expectantly. When you encounter people like this, don’t hesitate to be firm. If you’re not comfortable with the situation, hold your baby tightly and walk away.

You’ll Be “That Mom” With “That Child”

At one point another while your child is growing up, they’re going to have a temper tantrum in public. You may say “no, I’ll teach my kid better than that.” But in reality, you have little control over how your child thinks and feels, and you shouldn’t. When they do eventually shriek and cry about not getting that precious toy, stay calm. Your sweet angel will not always be so sweet, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Forgive yourself and your child when the situation eventually occurs.

Why Being A Mom Is Worth It

When you’re having your first child, motherhood seems to be this wonderful but scary journey. You’ll never be fully prepared, but you shouldn’t be scared away by the few roadblocks you’re bound to face. Yes, your baby will pee on you when you change his diaper and drool on you while he sleeps. People will be difficult and you’ll feel exhausted at times, but it will all be worth it. You’ll get to see your child’s personality and intelligence develop. You’ll be there through all of her first steps in life. You’ll feel amazed that you’re the one that created such a perfect creature. The struggles and difficulties will seem trivial and meaningless in the long run, and that’s the most important thing you need to learn before becoming a mother.

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