The Days are Long But the Years are Short-Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon, my cousin and his wife welcomed their firstborn, a son, into the world! Although it's been quite some time since our girls were born, it doesn't always feel like it was that long ago, and I still remember the excitement of welcoming them into our world. I also remember reading one of the most profound (to me) quotes, and it took my breath away when I read it for the first time. 

"The days are long, but the years are short". Now that I've been Momming it up for nearly 11 years, I see how true this is. This phrase still takes my breath away and, to be completely honest, makes me cry. 

My beautiful girls R (6) and D (10) on our lunch date Monday. The years are indeed short!

As my cousin and his wife start their parenting journey with the newest member of the family, one of the biggest hopes I have for them is that they always remember what a blessing each and every day is, especially the "difficult" ones. I hope they will use each day to create beautiful memories that will bring a smile to their faces and their hearts when they recall them later on. 

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