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Taking the Kids To New York And Having A Good Time (They Are Not Mutually Exclusive!)

Now, heading to the big city with the kids in tow might seem like madness, but it can work out very well. In fact, because there is so much to do and see there, it makes a fantastic day trip location or even a site for a more extended stay that both you and the kids will love. Keep reading to find out more. The Statue Of Liberty First, of all, there is plenty to see in the Big Apple that will please both kids and parents. There are of course the classic tourist sight such as The Statue of Liberty that you cannot miss.


You will, of course, find Lady Liberty on Liberty Island, and if you are concerned that the kids' attention span won't last the visit, why not enroll them in The Junior Rangers Scheme while you are there? Then they will have lots of activities and clues to hunt down, and the emphasis on entertaining them will be firmly off your shoulders for a while. 

The Empire State Building 

Near to the famous Macy's department store and the theatre district that I mention below you will find the iconic art deco skyscraper known as the Empire State Building. Built in 1930, you will find plenty of fun and educational opportunities for kids and adult alike here, including the 102nd top deck observation floor, which boats view out across the city. 

One World Tower 

You may want to take the kids to visit another of the giant skyscraper than dominate the New York skyline, although a visit to One World Tower tend to be a little more somber because of the context, especially if you take the time to visit the memorial, something you can find out more about here. However, it's worthwhile as it can help kids to understand what occurred here and as it's the tallest building in the western hemisphere it's pretty impressive too.


Next for entertainment that will please the little ones as well as the grownups why not find a family friendly show that is playing on Broadway? There is a vast selection that is suitable for most age ranges including Disney’s The Lion King for younger kids, although grownups love the innovative puppets and beautiful songs too. Then there are the newer productions on the scene such as Anastasia which is playing at the Broadhurst on West 44th Street. This one is suitable for kids aged seven and up. Although it is worth noting that kids under four are often not allowed into the theatres at all because of all that sitting still and watching that is involved. 

The Bronx Zoo 

Next, if you are looking for a great way to burn off some of the kids' childish exuberance, why not head over to the Bronx Zoo? There are plenty of animal habitats to explore there, including a polar bear enclosure and even a petting zoo, where the little ones can feed and touch animals such as goats and rabbits. 

Then there's the tree top adventure, which is a new assault course set high off the ground. Don't worry though as it's utterly safe, as a safety line will attach kids and adults alike at all times as they move from platform to platform via a mix of zip lines, climbing ropes, ladders, and jumps. 

Coney Island 

Another place to visit a classic kid-friendly sight in New York city is Coney Island. There you will find a vintage style funfair named Luna Park, and you can expect fairground snacks, fast and dizzying rides, and fun games like Fried Frogs that will keep everyone amused for hours. 

Central Park 

Last, but not least if you have both kids and adults to entertain then a walk or a picnic in Central Park is always a smart idea. After all, the kids can run about a bit without being jostled by all the foot traffic in the city, and you can find a beautiful bench to sit on and watch them from while taking the weight off.

There are, of course, many attraction and site to take in inside the park as well, including the Alice in Wonderland statue created by 1959 by José de Creeft. Then there's the beautiful boating lake that is open in the summer season, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides to take advantage of too. Although there are cheaper options that include bicycles and pedicabs, which are also an excellent way to take in the sight of the park as well. 

You will even find a small zoo in the park as well, that has grizzly bears, snow leopard, and penguins. Something that makes it the perfect attraction for when the kids start to get bored, and you need something that you will all enjoy.

Traveling with kids can bring about incredible experiences, just make sure you're prepared for family travel and all that comes along with it. Take time to research your travel destination and itinerary before you take off on your trip. Pack accordingly, and be sure to check out how to buy luggage if your luggage needs an update! Once you have everything you need for your trip, you'll be ready to explore and make lifelong memories! Are you ready? Let's go!

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